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  • What are my responsibilities

    Under your tenancy agreement you must carry out minor works yourself as follows:
    •Decorating the inside of your home
    •Replacing locks
    •Draught exclusion, provided the doors and windows fit reasonably
    •Fitting extra catches and safety devices to doors and windows and installing burglar alarms
    •Door handles on doors inside your home
    •Plugs and chains in baths and sinks
    •Toilet seats and lids
    •Small cracks in plaster
    •Minor repairs to kitchen units
    •Fitting TV aerials or satellite dishes (subject to permission)
    •Supplying and fitting things like shower heads, toilet roll holders, towel rails, mirrors, curtain rails, light fittings, shelving, plugs, coat hooks, washing lines, rotary driers.
  • What is installation without permission?

    If permission was required, but not obtained, and you move out of the property, you may have to remove the installation and put things back to the original state, or be charged to reinstate the property to previous condition before the installation.

  • When is permission needed?

    Permission is required from YHN before you undertake any repairs for the following:

    • Decorating the outside of your home
    • Putting in extra electrical sockets
    • Installing central heating or moving radiators
    • Building a shed or greenhouse
    • Fitting a new bathroom suite or a shower
    • Fitting new kitchen units or replacing existing ones
    • Building a fireplace
    • Building a garage, lean-to, driveway or hardstanding for a car
    • Changing windows, front doors or back doors
    • Building a conservatory
    • Fitting laminate flooring
    • Knocking down or building inside walls to change rooms
    • Installing a stair lift or other adaptation
    • Putting up a satellite dish or TV aerial
    • Putting up wall tiles and Artex
  • What standard do I need to carry the work out to?

    Whenever you carry out work you must make sure that it is carried out to a good standard. If it is not then you could be liable to pay the cost of any subsequent work that YHN has to carry out.
  • What are my obligation charges?

    If you cause damage to your property you will be charged for the cost of repair. For example:
    •Lock change for when you are unable to gain access (i.e. lost keys)
    •Clearance of property after you vacate
    •Any internal damage to fixtures and fittings

    This will be arranged through your YHN Housing Services office and an invoice will be sent out.
  • What are the different types of repairs?

    Repairs which will not seriously interfere with the comfort and convenience of the resident, for example:
    •Repairs to plasterwork
    •Repairs to doors and windows
    •Repairs to bathroom and kitchen fittings
    •New sanitary fittings (bath, toilet and wash-hand basin)

    Repairs which seriously affect the comfort of the resident or cause potential damage to the property, for example:
    •Plumbing and drainage faults
    •Roof leaks
    •Majority of gas repairs
    •Partial loss of heating


    Repairs, if not attended to, could cause serious damage to the building/property. Also a high safety risk to health of tenant, for example:
    •Gas leaks
    •Total electrical failure
    •Total heating failure (winter)
    •Burst pipes
    •Making the property safe, after storm damage

    In an emergency call 0191 2787878 which is available 24 hours a day.

    Repair Priorities

     PriorityTarget Completion Time 
      4 hours Emergency
     Urgent Urgent - complete within 1 working day
     Urgent Urgent - complete within 3 working days
     Urgent Urgent - complete within 7 working days
    Routine Attend by appointment, complete within 15 working days
     Planned maintenance Attend by appointment, complete within 40 working days