Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can take many different forms, including threatening behaviour, loud music, harassment and criminal behaviour.

The way people behave is regulated, not just by law, but by the generally accepted belief that everyone has the right to enjoy life, in their own way, as long as it doesn't harm the people that live near them.

We believe our customers are entitled to live in safe, well managed homes, where they feel good about themselves and their communities.


How we can help

YHN aim to reduce anti-social behaviour on our estates by:

  • Investigating anti-social behaviour (ASB) and breaches of tenancy
  • Protecting customers who are categorised as being at high risk
  • Working with other agencies to share information and take action where appropriate
  • Having clear procedures to deal with people who cause problems for others.

Click here to read our Safe Living policy. 

Reporting anti-social behaviour

You can report ASB by:

Telephone: 0191 278 8600


If you are witnessing criminal behaviour currently in progress then you should contact the police who can immediately respond or offer advice:

Non emergency police telephone: 101

Emergency police telephone: 999

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