10 July 2023

Disrepair claims companies - know the risks


Disrepair claims companies - know the risks

YHN believes that everyone has the right to a safe home, and we work hard to complete reported repairs within the agreed timeframes.

Our advice to customers is to report a repair or issue as soon as possible. It’s really important repairs are reported at the right time – contact us on 0191 2787878 to do this.


We are aware of housing disrepair claims companies targeting tenants across the country, promising compensation for repairs issues. These ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements often turn out to be nothing of the sort, with charges buried in lengthy legal contracts. Tenants can be charged thousands of pounds if they leave the agreement, and even if successful, the payment to the tenant can be quite small compared to the solicitor’s costs.

If the claim is unsuccessful, tenants can be liable for their landlord’s legal fees, which could total several thousands of pounds.

If you are approached by a disrepair claims company, please be aware of the risks involved. Please speak to your Housing Officer if you have any concerns, and always report repairs to YHN as soon as possible. If you’re unhappy with how your repair has been dealt with, we would always recommend you make a complaint – details of how to do this can be found here. You can also contact the Housing Ombudsmen Service once you have made a complaint. They can offer advice and help find a resolution – call them on 0300 1113000.

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