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We believe that residents are entitled to live in safe, well managed homes where they feel good about themselves and their communities. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can take many different forms, ranging from threatening behaviour and hate crime to loud music to untidy gardens. We want to reduce cases of anti-social behaviour. This helps us to provide homes that people want to live in. We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour by:

  • working with other agencies to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in Newcastle;
  • having procedures to support people affected by anti-social behaviour;
  • having procedures to take action against people who cause problems for others.
The way people behave is regulated not just by the law, but also by the generally accepted belief that everyone has a right to enjoy life in their own way, as long as this doesn’t harm the people who live near them.

Safe Living policy (anti-social behaviour policy)

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