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We procure a range of goods and services, from stationery items to building materials. We spend around £45m per year on externally provided goods and services. Our approach to procurement is detailed in our Corporate Procurement Strategy. This details our vision, strategic aims and how we will deliver the strategy. Visit our Strategies page to download our Corporate Procurement Strategy. As an ALMO, YHN’s procurement activities are governed by a number of legislative and regulatory sources. This impacts and governs our approach to strategic sourcing, acquisition and post contract activities. We are keen to widen our supplier base and increase the number of organisations we do business with. In order to do this we advertise our procurement opportunities across a number of different portals:
  • All our tenders over the European Union Procurement thresholds (£189,330 for goods and services; £663,540 social and other specific services and £4,733,252 works) are advertised through the Supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union. This can be accessed through Tenders Electronic Daily.
  • We also advertise all current tender opportunities for procurements over £25,000 via the North East Purchasing Organisation (For more information on how to register with NEPO please click here.) as well as the government’s Contract Finder website (for details click here), which enables us to engage electronically with prospective suppliers.
For works contracts, we utilise Constructionline to facilitate our risk assessment process. If you are interested in becoming registered, then please click here. If you require any further information please contact Cathy Weaver, Commissioning and Procurement Officer, on telephone number 0191 278 4384 or e-mail or David Bell, Procurement Officer, on telephone number 0191 278 7765 or e-mail
  • How to do business with YHN

    If you are interested in doing business with YHN, we have developed a guide which you may find useful. To read the guide click here.
    Please also refer to our YHN Supplier Code of Conduct which is available here.
  • Tender opportunities

    For details of proposed tender opportunities please click here. For details of contracts over £25,000 currently being procured please click here.

    In order to see YHN specific opportunities please follow this process:

    • Click on "Find Out More" under View opportunities"
    • Click on "Current opportunities"
    • Select Newcastle City Council from the organisation drop down box
    • Then click "update" tab and this will display all opportunities that are open to all suppliers. Those that relate to YHN are prefixed "YHN". Other prefixes include:
      • HRA - Housing Revenue Account
      • LHL - Leazes Homes
    In addition all contracts over £25,000 are advertised on the Governments "Contract Finder website please click here.
  • Contract register/awards and reports

    For details of current contracts over £25,000 which YHN has either awarded directly or participates in, are published on the NEPO portal. In order to view YHN contracts please follow this process:
    • Click on "contract register" tab
    • Select "Newcastle City Council from the Organisation drop down box
    • Then click "Update" tab. This will display the contract register for Newcastle City Council. Those that relate to YHN are prefixed "YHN".Other Prefixes used include
      • 'HRA' - Housing Revenue Account
      • 'LHL' - Leazes Homes
    This information is also published to the Governments "Contract Finder" website, please click here Please note that you can find details about orders between £5,000 and £25,000 that have been placed through the City Council's Housing Revenue Account (HRA) within lists that the City Council publishes on a quarterly basis, please click here.
  • Purchase orders - £5,000 - £25,000

    These quarterly reports, which include the Councils Housing Revenue Account order numbers raised, together with the supplier name, address, order description and value, are available by clicking here.

  • Payments over £250

    We believe it is important to be open about how we spend money.  If you have any questions about payments we make to suppliers you can send them to our Payments team by emailing

    Please note that you can find details about payments we have made from the City Council's Housing Revenue Account (HRA) within lists that the City Council publishes on a monthly basis on their website.  Click here to visit this section of the City Council website.

    You can find an explanation of how we manage the HRA in our Annual Reports.

  • Equality and Diversity in Procurement

    Our procurement team produced a guidance document for potential contractors and suppliers called ‘Equality and Diversity: a guide for contractors and suppliers’. This explains why the money we spend has to support and encourage equality of opportunity and good community relations and gives examples on how we ensure that our suppliers meet their legal obligations with regards to equality and diversity. To read the guide click here.
  • Sustainable procurement

    For details of our sustainable procurement charter please click here.
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption

    The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011. It introduced a new crime of ‘failure to prevent’ bribery, which means that organisations unable to demonstrate they have implemented ‘adequate procedures’ to prevent corrupt practices within their business, or by third parties on their behalf, could be exposed to unlimited fines as well as other consequences, such as being prohibited from tendering for public sector contracts.

    Please see our policy and statement on Anti-Bribery and Corruption:

  • Modern slavery and trafficking

    The Modern Slavery Act 2015 received Royal Ascent on 26 March 2015. Modern slavery is a criminal offence and YHN has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and trafficking. We are committed to acting ethically, with integrity and transparency in all our business dealings and we expect our supply chain, employees and all other business partners to commit to the same. Please see our Modern Slavery statement, policy and supplier guidance: