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All our blocks have individual cleaning schedules which are specific to the needs of each block. They are inspected every month by a team leader and the results are published on block noticeboards. Residents are also invited to take part in quarterly block inspections and give us their feedback on the standard of their block.
  • What does the dayshift role include

    The day shift team provides a cleaning service and offers a 'good neighbour' role which includes:

    Daily Tasks

    Sweeping and washing communal landings and chute rooms

    • Sweeping communal stairways
    • Spot clean walls
    • Wiping all handrails and ledges
    • Cleaning glass in communal areas on stairwells
    • Cleaning the bin chute on bin day

    Other Tasks

    Inspect site checking for repairs such as lights or security doors and reporting repairs to the Repairs Centre

    • Clean up spillages
    • Rotate bins in bin store
    • De-odorise bin chute
    • Clean graffiti and report any stubborn graffiti to Tenancy and Estate Management and the Repairs Centre
    • Take bulky rubbish to storage area, where possible, ahead of collection