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  • Do I have the Right to Buy my home?

    If you are a secure tenant, have three years tenancy history, either in your current home or any previous tenancies and the house, flat or maisonette that you wish to buy is your only or main home you may be able to buy it.
  • I have a new tenancy do I have the Right to Buy my home?

    If you take up a new tenancy on or after the 18 January 2005 and you have no previous tenancies with any other public sector landlords, you will have to wait for three years before applying to buy your home.
  • I have an introductory tenancy. Do I have the Right to Buy?

    Only secure tenants can buy their home. If you are an introductory tenant and there have been no problems with your tenancy and you have not broken any of your tenancy conditions your tenancy will be made secure automatically.
  • When does the Right to Buy my home not apply?

    The Right to Buy does not apply:

    • When your home is sheltered housing for the elderly, physically disabled or mentally ill
    • When your home is particularly suitable for the elderly and it was first let before 1st January 1990 to be lived in by someone aged 60 or over
    • When your home is being used as temporary accommodation until the Council redevelops it
    • When you live in a house provided by the Council so that you can be near your place of work
    • If a court has made a possession order against you which says that you must leave your home
    • If you are undischarged bankrupt, have a bankruptcy petition pending against you, or have made an arrangement with creditors (people you own money to) and you still owe them money
  • Will I have to pay for the Right to Buy Service?

    Your Homes Newcastle and Newcastle City Council do not charge for their services to support you through the processes of buying your home, but standard charges associated with the purchase of a property do apply.
  • Can I use other Right to Buy companies to help me through the process?

    If you are eligible and thinking of applying be wary of individuals or private companies offering to help you through the Right to Buy process. These companies do not represent Your Homes Newcastle or Newcastle City Council.

    Tenants are normally contacted by door-to-door representatives from private companies offering to help them buy their Council homes. They may offer a mortgage, legal services or an "all-in" package that may include home improvements after buying. In some cases tenants do not want to buy their home but feel pressured into signing forms just to get rid of the salesperson.

    By signing documents you have not read properly, you may be entering into a legal agreement in which you may have to pay the company thousands of pounds. You are of course free to deal with such companies if you wish, but we feel we should bring this to your attention.

    If you are approached by a person or company offering to help you buy your home, ask for identification, check out what’s in it for them and feel free to talk to us before signing up to any deal.