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  • Who is your Housing Officer?

    For any tenancy issues, Such as anti-social behavior, managing your tenancy or advice and support please speak to your Housing Officer or visit our website for further information. Please use the links below: Who is my housing officer? Tenancy Services
  • YHN leaflets, Forms and Reports

    Please use the link below to search for any leaflets, forms or reports:

    Leaflets, Forms and Reports

  • Complaints

    You can make a complaint if you are not happy about a decision we have made or service we have provided.

    We aim to provide a high quality service which you will be satisfied with. However, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. There may be times when you do not agree with  a decision we have made, or something we have done, and you may want to complain.

    to complain use the link below:

    Complaints and Compliments Online Form

  • Paying your Rent

    If you find at anytime you can't make your rent payments, please contact your nearest YHN Housing Service office for advice. We can only help you if you tell us you are having problems.

    When you signed your tenancy agreement, you entered into a legal contract with us. You have responsibilities as a tenant - one of which is to pay the rent regularly and on time. For more information or to pay your rent, please use the links below:

    Your Rent Account

    Pay your rent

  • Ostara (known as Communuity Care Alarm Service) (CCAS)

    Ostara provide a 24 hour response and support services to enable older and vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their own homes.

    We provide and install alarm equipment that is connected to our 24 hour response centre in YHN House. We have a menu of equipment to chose from, ranging from simple alarms to fall detectors, pill dispensers and door opening sensors so customers can choose the type of support they need. for more information, please use the Ostara Website.

  • Right to Buy/Leasehold Service

    The Right to Buy is a government Scheme to allow tenants the tight to buy their council house at a discounted price. Your Homes Newcastle's Right to Buy team deals with all the Right to Buy sales of council homes in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    YHN's Leasehold team manages properties that were sold under the Right to Buy Scheme on a leasehold basis.

    Please use the links below for further information:

    Right to Buy

    Leasehold Service