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  • Who is responsible for repairs?

    You are responsible for decoration and for repairs to all fixtures and fittings inside your home, for example kitchen and bathroom fittings, doors and door frames. We are responsible for repairs and maintenance to the structure of the building and the communal areas.

    The information below provides more detail on where responsibilities lie.

    Items that we are responsible for:

    •The accessways, the car park, the gardens and grounds on the estate and bin stores

    •The entrance halls, passages, landings, staircases, and other internal parts of the building that are used in common by any two or more of the dwellings and the glass in the windows and doors of all such common parts together with all decorative parts ancillary thereto

    •The structural parts of the building(s) including the roofs, gutters, rainwater pipes, foundations, floors and walls bounding individual dwellings therein and all external parts of the building(s) including all decorative parts and all exterior glass

    •All doors and window frames not forming part of the demise of any of the dwellings

    •All service installations not used exclusively by any individual dwelling

    •The metered supply of domestic cold water to the estate not exclusively used by any individual dwelling together with associated meter standing charges and drainage charges

    Items that you are responsible for Items that you are responsible for:

    •The doors and windows thereof including the interior glass therein but not the external surfaces thereof or the exterior glass parts of the windows

    •The interior faces of the ceilings up to the underside of the joists, slabs or beams to which the same are affixed

    •The floors down to the upper side of the joists, slabs or beams supporting the same

    •The inner plaster face of all external or structural walls

    •All internal walls which are not main structural walls and which do not separate the demised premises from adjoining properties or the internal common parts of the building

    •The demised premises half of any non-structural wall(s) (severed medially) which may separate the demised premises from any adjoining properties or from the internal common parts of the building in which the demised premises are situate

    •All service installations utilised exclusively by the demised premises

    However if you are carrying out works to some items listed above you are required to get consent in writing from Newcastle City Council before proceeding. There is further information below on carrying out your own works and when you would require permission before carrying out these works.

  • How can I report a repair that is my responsibility?

    You can report a repair in a number of ways. Visit the Reporting Repairs page for information.

  • Can I carry out repairs to the outside of my home myself?

    No. Under the terms of your lease you are not allowed to carry out any work to the outside of your property. Any external work, including pointing, is our responsibility.

  • How much do you charge me for repairs you carry out?

    The due proportion that is set out within your lease is applied to the total cost of any works that have been carried out.

  • How do I know when a repair has been carried out?

    If any work will cost you more than £250 we have to formally consult you over this, giving you an estimate of the costs before the work is carried out. For any repairs that will cost you less than £250 the work will be carried out without the need to formally consult you.

      We then send you a repair statement every quarter to tell you when a repair has been carried out and how much this has cost. Your share of the costs that we have notified you about will be included on your actual service charge invoice for that year.

  • You are charging me for a repair that has been caused by storm damage, fire or flood but I pay buildings insurance to you. Why do I have to pay for this?

    If a repair has been needed that was caused by storm, fire or flood we will carry out the work and invoice you for your share which you are required to pay. You will then need to complete a claim form and send this to the buildings insurance company who will decide if they are going to settle the claim or not. Any settlement that you may receive from the buildings insurance company can be used to pay us for the repair that was carried out once you receive the invoice for this.

  • Can I carry out my own improvements to my property?

    You can carry out work to improve your home, but for some improvements you need written permission from us before going ahead with the works. We will not refuse permission unless we have a good reason. You may also need to get planning permission and building consent for the work.

  • What sort of improvements do I need permission for?

    Your lease specifies:

    Not without the previous consent in writing of the Lessor or its agents to alter or replace the front door of the demised premises and not to cut, maim, or injure nor to make any alteration or additions whatsoever to the plan, design or elevation of the demised premises nor to make any openings therein nor to open up any floors, walls or ceilings for the purpose of altering or renewing any pipes, wires, ducts or conduits nor to alter any of the landlords fixtures, fittings or appliances therein and not in any case to commit or allow any waste or spoil on or about the demised premises.

  • How do I get permission?

    If you are proposing to carry out some work that requires landlords consent you need to complete our landlord's permission form and return it to us at: Your Homes Newcastle Leasehold Team YHN House Benton Park Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7LX.

    Click here to download the Landlord's Permission form.

    You will need to specify exactly what type of works you wish to carry out, a plan or drawing, and the name of your chosen contractor.

    If you start work without getting permission you might have to return the property to its original condition if retrospective permission is not given.