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  • Is the network safe for kids?

    Yes. The network automatically blocks adult or dangerous content (and gambling/payday loan sites) so it is family friendly and completely safe for children.
  • I'm having technical problems with the internet connection – who do I contact?

    Please contact Digital Unity Group on 0330 1224651 or email
  • Can I share my log in details with family and friends?

    It’s not recommended to share log in details. If family and friends would like to use free YHN WiFi when visiting they will need to register themselves.
  • I’ve already got broadband and am in a contract

    YHN WiFi is free and there’s no contract. There is unlimited download. You can use YHN WiFi in addition to other broadband services. Remember the pilot lasts for 2 years so you can cancel your broadband once you are out of contract.
  • Why are certain Shieldfield residents getting free WiFi and not others?

    This is a trial project lasting 2 years. We would like to be able to offer all customers free WiFi however we have to trial the project and see how successful it is. After the project ends we will review the success and look to repeat in a different area. We offer lots of support to customers who would like to get online. Free training is available at Newcastle City Library – call 0191 277 4100 to find out training dates. You can also access free WiFi at a number of locations across Newcastle – find out where at
  • Where can I get more support with getting online?

    We offer lots of support to customers who would like to get online. Free training is available at Newcastle City Library – call 0191 277 4100 to find out training dates. As soon as the pilot launches we’ll be running drop in sessions at Shieldfield Community Café every Friday from 11am-1pm where support will be available to help you get online. We also have a team of customer Digital Champions who can help you get to grips with using the internet. They can’t make home visits but meetings can be arranged in community facilities across the city. Call 0191 278 8600 or email for more information.
  • Who will be able to access the free WiFi?

    Tenants and leaseholders living in Lort House and in Milton Close, Milton Green, Milton Place and Napier Street. Also friends and family when visiting these properties.
  • Where can I log on?

    In the comfort of your own home and in communal areas. You can also log on in the Shieldfield Community Café.
  • Do I need to register to access free WiFi?

    You’ll need to register using your name and email address the first time you use YHN WiFi. If you don't have an email address our Digital Champions can help you set one up.
  • What is the WiFi speed?

    4mb per second download speed.
  • Can I upgrade to get a faster speed?

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer the option to upgrade during the pilot, however the download speed available through YHN WiFi is more than enough for casual web browsing, checking emails and streaming a standard definition video.
  • What can I do with the free WiFi? Can I use it to stream?

    You’ll be able to access 4mb per second download speed. Use it to look up information, check emails, use social media such as Facebook, search for jobs, download music and stream standard definition TV shows.
  • Is there a time limit or download limit?

    No – there’s no time or download limit.