YHN Group

We are an Arms-Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council. We were set up in 2004 to manage council properties, to improve housing in order to meet the Government’s Decent Homes standard, and to provide a range of support services for Newcastle City Council.

Your Homes Newcastle (YHN)

Your Homes Newcastle Limited is a private company limited by guarantee, with Newcastle City Council as the sole member of YHN. We operate under a 10 year management agreement for Newcastle City Council which is due to expire in 2026.

In October 2015 we established a new company structure with two subsidiaries. Asfaleia Limited is our charitable subsidiary and Abri Trading Limited is our trading subsidiary. Following a governance review in 2016, we have also recently introduced a common purpose board for YHN and Abri Trading Limited. As an independent charity Asfaleia Ltd Board meet separately.

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Abri Trading Limited

Abri Trading Limited is a private company limited by shares, with Your Homes Newcastle as the sole shareholder and parent company. Abri Trading Limited was constituted to facilitate the commercial activities undertaken in the business and is responsible for the external trade of Newcastle Furniture Services and Palatine Beds.

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Asfaleia Limited

Asfaleia Limited is a Community Benefit Society (CBS) registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. It has charitable status but is exempt from registration with the Charities Commission, it is a “charity” but not a “registered charity”. Asfaleia Limited was constituted to facilitate the services which operate as a benefit to the community and is responsible for our Ostara Service, Sheltered Housing Service, Employability, Young Peoples Service, and Advice and Support.

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yhn structure  


The organisation has adopted the National Housing Federation Code of Governance. Our corporate governance arrangements are set out in the Group Governance Handbook, a copy of which is issued to all Board members.

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The YHN Board is made up of 12 non-executive directors, four council nominees and eight independent members. Click here to meet the board Three of the YHN directors are also directors of Abri Trading Limited.

The Asfaleia Limited Board is made up of five members. Two are representatives from the YHN Board and three members are independent of the YHN Board. Click here to meet the board

The Board has set up four committees with clear terms of reference setting out their functions and delegations.  The committees are: Group Audit and Risk, Finance and Performance, Remuneration and Nominations and Customer Service. Terms of reference can be found in the Governance Handbook.

The operational day to day running of the organisation is delegated to the Executive Team.