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Changes to your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract that you sign when you rent a property from Newcastle City Council. It sets out the terms of your tenancy making it clear what you are responsible for and what the Council are responsible for.

We’ve been working with Newcastle City Council to make changes to the tenancy agreement so that it better reflects tenants’ lives and priorities. Last summer Newcastle City Council tenants received a ‘Preliminary Notice of Variation’ and were given the opportunity to tell us what they thought of the proposed changes.

  • Your new Tenancy Agreement

    The new version of the Tenancy Agreement is available here.
  • Feedback

    There were lots of ways for tenants to have their say and learn about the changes from reading about it on our website, contacting us at a dedicated email address, watching information videos, reading about it or Facebook and Twitters pages or speaking to us in person at our local roadshow events or focus groups.

    The great news is that over 90% of tenants who responded with feedback agreeing to the proposed changes, the Council has approved the new tenancy agreement.

    You can read more about the changes in our October/November edition of Homes and People.

  • You Said, We Did

    Tenants gave lots of valuable feedback and insight about the changes. The Council looked at and considered all the comments, queries and questions and used it to come up with the final version of the new tenancy agreement. You can read all about the changes made in response to what tenants said here ( or watch a video about it here:

    Your feedback will also be used to improve the information and support tenants receive at sign-up and throughout the tenancy

  • What happens next?

    The new tenancy agreement came into effect on 2nd April 2018. All Newcastle City Council tenants have now received a copy of the new tenancy agreement along with a ‘Notice of Variation’ which confirmed the changes that have been made. Tenants do not need to sign the new tenancy agreement, it has simply replaced the existing one.