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Our concierge service has 4,500 customers who live in blocks of flats across the city. The service has been the same since 2012 but we know that what customers want from it is changing so we have been thinking about how we could meet customers’ needs better.

What might change?

We are proposing some changes that are centred around different shift times and the creation of a new caretaker role. The caretakers would have an allocated block and be responsible for a range of duties within that block. There would also be new arrangements to ensure the appropriate people respond to any emergency situations.

How have customers been involved

We’ve given information to customers who receive the concierge service and have been talking to people at drop-in events and resident meetings, by email and through Facebook and our website. Over 600 customers have completed questionnaires and given us lots of opinions on our proposed changes and how they think the service could be improved.

What happens next?

We’re now looking through all of the feedback we’ve received from customers and talking to our staff. We’ll post more information about this when it’s available.

In the meantime, you may find this myth buster helpful for understanding some of the common misconceptions around the service, as well as this “you said, we listened” document, which explains a bit more about how we’ve responded to feedback received through the consultation.