Housing Plus - Sheltered

Housing Plus - Sheltered

We provide an impressive range of rented housing options for older people in Newcastle, including bungalows and apartments located across the city.

Our Housing Plus - Sheltered developments are exclusively for people over 55, offering affordable accommodation designed with quality, comfort and home security in mind.

Each customer has their own independent apartment and a Housing Plus Officer is based in each development, providing a welcoming atmosphere and support to live independently with opportunities for social interaction and wellbeing support tailored to individual customers’ needs.

Housing plus sheltered


  • No fees to pay
  • Repairs and maintenance costs covered
  • Optional furniture rental available
  • Onsite Housing Plus Officer
  • Optional daily wellbeing calls
  • 24 hour response and support service from Ostara.

We offer all of our accommodation at social and affordable rents with introductory and secure tenancies.

Depending on your personal circumstances you may also be able to get assistance with your rent.  We can complete a confidential assessment with you to find out if you are eligible.


Find out more about our developments using the links below.  If you’re interested, please contact us to apply or if you have any questions.

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