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YHN are members of ‘SHIFT’ which is the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow. This is an environmental audit that benchmarks YHN against other social landlords so we can understand and compare our environmental performance. There are 33 measures where our performance is measured. Our last audit was in 204, and we achieved Silver. The audits take place every 2 years, with this year’s one happening right now. We will be gathering evidence until the end of May, and our target is to go from Silver to Gold. Our 2014 report following the audit showed that we had robust strategies in place, with good mechanisms for reviewing our actions and progress. It also showed that we had good staff engagement about sustainable working practices and a comprehensive transport plan to reduce business carbon dioxide emissions. Our carbon emissions per home managed are amongst the lowest in the sector. We also have very high recycling rates from both our offices and on site from our investment schemes. The 2014 audit identified areas where we could improve and we have been working hard on these since then. This includes;
  • Increasing the average SAP (energy efficiency rating) of homes we manage through investment in energy efficiency measures (eg better boilers, photovoltaic panels)
  • Actively engaging with more tenants on energy efficiency so they can better heat their homes, sve money on their fuel bills, or do a mixture of the two
  • Training for front line staff so they are better able to assist tenants, as well as recognise the signs that may indicate somebody would benefit from energy advice.
Click here to download a copy of our Shift Report 2014 or e-mail our Sustainability Team