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Each year a number of the strategic targets are set based on customer priorities called local offers. Local offers represent our commitment to improving the services we deliver. They are standards and actions that we agree with customers. To develop these priorities, we analyse tenant feedback from throughout the year. This gives a broader understanding of the issues that affect tenants and where you want to see service improvement. You told us… For 2016/17 YHN needs to prioritise the following:
  • Collecting rental income
  • Managing empty properties and the cost to the organisation
  • Repairs satisfaction level and how long it takes to complete a repair
  • Having decent neighbourhoods; listening to customers views and understanding satisfaction levels; and
  • How support makes a difference to older people living in our communities.
What we have done with this feedback…
  • We have developed 8 local offers to address customer’s priorities.
  • Over 245 customers were involved in deciding the local offers and from this 140 customers will go on to get involved in monitoring how we are performing against them.
Local Offers 2016/17:
  1. Repairs take 6 days to complete by 31/03/2017
  2. 95% of tenants satisfied with the most recent repair by 31 March 2017
  3. The average re-let time for all void properties not to exceed 53.3 days by 31/03/2017
  4. The void rent loss amount not to exceed 1.26% (£1.40m) by 31/03/2017
  5. Collect 99.22% (£110.69m) of rent by 31/03/2017
  6. 68% of customers who believe that YHN listens to their views and acts on them by 31/03/2017
  7. 80% of customers who are satisfied with the condition of their neighbourhood by 31/03/2017
  8. 87.5% customers who are satisfied with the service provided by YHN by 31/03/2017