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We have been working with customers to develop a set of ‘Customer Promises’ which have replaced our existing Service Standards.

We spoke to staff and customers about our current Service Standards and several issues were raised:

  • there are too many standards and the number of standards per service isn’t the same across YHN
  • external standards don’t mean much to customers
  • they are too dry and are not positive enough about the work that YHN is doing

So we decided to replace our Service Standards with Customer Promises. We wanted our promises to be positive, to be easy to understand and to reflect what matters most to customers. Over 100 customers told us what they most valued about the services they received, and this feedback, with help from service managers, was then developed into a set of Customer Promises.

We’ve grouped the promises into themes to show the journey of a YHN customer, so they cover things like getting your home, maintaining your home, and living in a YHN neighbourhood.