2 August 2022

Residents ‘over the moon’ as innovative Newcastle heating scheme concludes

Residents ‘over the moon’ as innovative Newcastle heating scheme concludes

Customers in two of the multi-storey blocks we mange have expressed their delight with their new heating systems that have been installed as part of a project we’ve worked on with EQUANS recently.

Cllr Jane Byrne, Tim Wood, Director of Sustainability & Innovation at EQUANS, Tina Drury, Managing Director of YHN

The gas supply has been removed completely from Denton Park House and Hilltop House in West Denton as part of a £3.8m project to replace the old gas-powered central heating system with Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs).

Ground Source Heat Pumps have lower carbon emissions than traditional gas systems and are more efficient to run which means customers in these blocks will benefit from lower energy bills, which we know is incredibly important as energy costs are increasing for everyone.

The new system also comes with a smart thermostat from Switchee which allows residents to control their heating with precision, meaning that heating and hot water is matched to the way that they live.

Switchee thermostat

Laurence Rodden, who lives in Denton Park House, said: “There was disruption when the works went on, but you have to put up with that, because the end result is great. There’s no pipes showing in my flat, and the system we use to set our heating is brilliant – we don’t touch it! It’s set up to suit us and we can just leave it.

“I can’t say enough about how good the system is. I’m over the moon, absolutely over the moon!”

Tim Wood, Director of Sustainability & Innovation at EQUANS, said: “I am really happy to hear residents in the blocks being so positive about the project. It is a big change from the old ducted air system, but it’s one that will benefit them into the future – they’ll see a benefit in their energy bills, and the carbon footprint of the two blocks has greatly reduced.

“EQUANS is committed to working closely alongside housing associations, and other social landlords, to help reduce the environmental impact of their housing stock. The works at Denton & Hilltop is another example of how we can provide solutions which work for organisations and residents.”

YHN Customer with EQUANS and Managing Director, Tina Drury

The work was supported by Newcastle City Council, who secured £1.4m from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive to help fund the scheme.

Tina Drury, Managing Director at Your Homes Newcastle, said: “Your Homes Newcastle manages around 26,000 homes in Newcastle so we know we have an important role to play in helping to reduce carbon emissions across the city. Replacing gas central heating with Ground Source Heat Pumps in these multi-storey blocks is a very effective way of reducing the carbon footprint of these buildings, but we’re also interested in projects that make an immediate and tangible difference to our customers’ lives, especially at a time like this when we know that rising energy costs are a significant worry for many of our customers.

“This system improves the way our customers heat their homes and means they can do it for less money so it’s fantastic to see this work come to life and we look forward to using our learning from this experience to support more carbon reduction schemes in the future.”

Cllr Jane Byrne, Newcastle City Council Connected City Cabinet Member, said: “Improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings across the city is one of the key measures we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint.

“It’s fantastic to see the installation of these new heat pumps has been so well received by residents.

“Through initiatives such as this and the successful delivery of the Electrification of Heat programme, where we installed over 300 heat pumps into a range of residential properties, we are taking positive steps to make homes greener and more cost effective.

“We will continue working closely with partners as we look to expand the roll out of heat pumps to more homes in the city to help create more sustainable futures for our communities.”

To hear more about what YHN customer Laurence had to say about the new heating system watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/WJad34GoaIM

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