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  • Who is responsible for repairs?

    You are responsible for decoration and for repairs to all fixtures and fittings inside your home, for example, heating systems, kitchen and bathroom fittings, and doors and door frames.

    We are responsible for repairs and maintenance to the structure of your home. We will write to you throughout the year to tell you about any repairs that have been carried out and your share of the costs which will be included on your actual service charge invoice for that year.

  • Repairs that we are responsible for

    •roofs, drains, gutters and pipes on the outside of your home

    •outside entrance doors (but not the front doors of individual flats)

    •window frames and sills (not including glass)

    •outside paint work

    •paths and steps (back and front)

    •boundary fences (except some where you or a neighbouring owner are responsible)

    •chimneys and chimney stacks

    •stairs and landings

    •garages and outbuildings, including drying area

    •installations, fixtures and fittings

    •shared water pipes, water tanks, gas pipes and electrical wiring

    •light fittings in shared areas

    •controlled door entry systems

    •decorations in shared areas

    •exterior brickwork


  • Repairs that you are responsible for

    All repairs to the inside of your flat, including your front door, glass in your windows and all fixtures and fittings, any boundaries marked with a ‘T’ on your lease plan. Please click here for guidance on understanding your lease plan.

    If you have gas heating appliances you are responsible for getting them serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. There is a gas servicing scheme that leaseholders can join which would include an annual service of your gas appliances. Click here to find out more about the Gas Servicing scheme that has been set up specifically for leaseholders by Newcastle City Council’s direct labour organisation, BCE.

    The table below shows what repairs you have responsibility for.

    Repairs responsible for Leaseholder

  • My property is connected to the district heating system. Who is responsible for repairs that are required to the heating system?

    If your property is connected to the district heating system your lease states that all of the infrastructure equipment for the district heating system within your property is your responsibility to repair and maintain. We are responsible for maintaining any infrastructure equipment up to the front door of your property. We appreciate that it may be difficult for you to find your own heating engineer to carry out repairs and maintenance due to the nature of the system and have therefore agreed with BCE that leaseholders have the option of contacting them for a quote for the repairs if they wish.

    Of course you can still opt to choose to use your own private engineer as long as they are Gas Safe registered. If you do choose to use your own private engineer to carry out any repairs to the heating infrastructure equipment within your flat we would ask that you inform us when any repairs are completed so that we can check that the system is still correctly balanced.

    If there is a meter in your property to monitor the usage of heating and hot water as part of the distinct heating system please Click here for more information on how this works.

  • Can I pay you to carry out any repairs that are required to the inside of my property?

    BCE have set up a home repairs service for leaseholders to carry out any repairs that you are responsible for carrying out. BCE will come and inspect the work that you would like carried out and provide you with an estimate. If you are happy with this and would like BCE to carry out the work they will arrange for it to be done and once it is completed an invoice will be sent to you for the agreed cost.

    See Leaseholder Repair Flyer – for more information about who is responsible for different types of repairs, please contact us.

  • How can I report a repair which is our responsibility?

    You can report a repair in a number of ways. Visit the Reporting Repairs page for information.

  • Can I carry out repairs to the outside of my home myself?

    No. Under the terms of your lease you are not allowed to carry out any work to the outside of your property. Any external work, including pointing, is our responsibility.

  • How much do you charge me for repairs you carry out?

    You must pay an equal share of the cost so for example you live in a block of four properties you would need to pay 25% of the cost of any work.

  • How do I know when a repair has been carried out?

    If any work will cost you more than £250 we have to formally consult you over this, giving you an estimate of the costs before the work is carried out. For any repairs that will cost you less than £250 the work will be carried out without the need to formally consult you. We then send you a repair statement every quarter to tell you when a repair has been carried out and how much this has cost.

  • When will I need to pay for the work that has been done?

    We will tell you throughout the year of any repairs carried out to your building and the overall cost of these repairs will be added to your actual invoice after the end of the financial year.

  • You are charging me for a repair that has been caused by storm damage, fire or flood but I pay buildings insurance to you. Why do I have to pay for this?

    If a repair has been needed that was caused by storm, fire or flood we will carry out the external work and invoice you for your share which you are required to pay. You will then need to complete a claim form and send this to the buildings insurance company who will decide if they are going to settle the claim or not.

    Any settlement that you may receive from the buildings insurance company can be used to pay us for the repair that was carried out once you receive the invoice for this.

  • I can smell gas what should I do?

    If you think you can smell gas ring the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999. You should:

    •turn off the gas supply at the meter

    •open windows and doors

    •keep people away from the affected area

    •don't turn electrical switches on or off

    •don't smoke or strike matches

    •call the Repairs Centre on 0191 278 7878.

  • Can I carry out my own improvements to my property?

    You can carry out work to improve your home, but for some improvements you need written permission from us before going ahead with the works. We will not refuse permission unless we have a good reason. You may also need to get planning permission and building consent for the work. The window frames belong to us so you must not replace your windows unless we have given you permission to do so.

  • What sort of improvements do I need permission for?

    If you want to carry out any work which may affect the rest of the building you must first get our permission in writing. The kind of things that you need permission for are:

    •any addition or change to the structure or services in your home, including changes to any pipework

    •external decoration

    •installation of new windows

    •loft conversion

    •installation of new doors if your property is in a building with enclosed communal doors

  • How do I get permission?

    You need to complete our landlord's permission form and return it to us at:

    Your Homes Newcastle
    Home Ownership Team
    YHN House
    Benton Park Road
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE7 7LX

    Or return it via email

    Click here to download the Landlord's Permission form or complete the form online here. If you complete the form online you can post or email any plans to the address above.

    You will need to specify exactly what type of works you wish to carry out, a plan or drawing, and the name of your chosen contractor. If you are carrying out any alterations to gas pipes or heating appliances you must also ensure that your contractor is Gas Safe registered and give the registration number. If you start work without getting permission you might have to return the property to its original condition if retrospective permission is not given.
  • Does the loft space belong to me?

    Usually the loft space is not included in the lease that you have purchased and is still owned by the freeholder. If you therefore wish to use the loft space or if you are interested in carrying out a loft conversion you would need to purchase the roof space then ask for landlords permission before carrying out any works.