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We are committed to providing a good customer service. To achieve this, we will:

  • be friendly and treat you fairly and with respect;
  • provide you with easy-to-understand information in plain language;
  • tell you about the services we provide and any changes to those services;
  • deal positively with your compliments, complaints and comments;
  • keep your information confidential;
  • listen to your views on how we can improve
  • treat everyone fairly, no matter what their age, disability, sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Will you share my information with anyone else?

    We may, occasionally, need to share your information with other partner organisations. If we do need to share your information we will make sure we follow the guidelines in the Data Protection Act 1998 when we deal with personal and sensitive information. This means we will use your personal information in line with the law.

    Check out the Data Protection section of this website for further information. 

  • Will you visit me when I move into my new home?

    A Housing Services Officer will carry out a new tenant visit between three and six weeks. At the visit the Housing Services Officer will check:

    • Decorating has commenced
    • If there are any outstanding repairs
    • Rent account
    • Any other tenancy issues

    The visit will allow us to identify any support needs or issues that could affect your tenancy at a later stage. 

    Check out the Advice and Support section of this website for further information about the type of support we can offer. 

  • Who will carry out my repairs?

    We are responsible for:

    • Maintaining the structure and outside of your property and keeping it in good repair.
    • Maintaining our installations for heating, water heating and sewerage and for supplying water, gas and electricity.

    If a repair is needed because you have not taken care of your property we will not be legally responsible for the repair. We will not repair or replace internal doors, toilet seats, letter boxes or change locks if keys are lost (the cost for this will be recharged).

    We will decorate the outside of all houses and apartments when necessary or as part of a planned maintenance programme, unless you have done the work yourself.

    Please remember that you need our written permission to decorate the outside of your property.

  • Alterations and adaptations

    The adaptations service can help tenants who are older or disabled to live independently at home by carrying out alterations to make their property easier to live in.

    To find out if you qualify for an adaptation, you need to be assessed by Newcastle City Council Adult Services.

    Check out our Alterations and Adaptation  section of this website for further information.