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As part of your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for keeping your garden tidy. In the “Your Responsibilities as a Tenant” section in your tenancy agreement it states: ‘You must maintain any garden which is part of your home in a reasonable condition’  
  • What if i can't maintain my garden?

    ur gardening service helps you to maintain your garden and keep it clean, tidy and attractive.

    Our gardeners visit you eleven times over the year to carry out:

    • Grass cutting;
    • Hedge trimming;
    • Border weed control
    • Litter picking;
    • Pruning; and
    • General maintenance.

    Check out the Garden Care Service pages of this website for further information.

  • What is a tidy garden?

    As part of your tenancy agreement, if you have a garden, it is your responsibility to keep it tidy.

    We have a garden standard, which we use to decide if your garden is tidy or untidy.

    In the “Your Responsibilities as a Tenant” section in your tenancy agreement it states: ‘You must maintain any garden which is part of your home in a reasonable condition’ The following standards are issued as a guide for you and officers of Your Homes Newcastle.

    • Hedges and privet should be kept trimmed and tidy and not allowed to become overgrown.
    • Hedges should not overhang onto public footpaths as this may cause hazard to pedestrians.
    • Grass and lawn should be kept to a reasonable length and should not become overgrown.
    • Bulky rubbish, and items of furniture should not be stored in gardens, (Newcastle City Council operates a bulky waste service to remove such items, tel. 0191 278 7878.
    • All garden areas, both front and rear should be kept tidy at all times to ensure litter does not accumulate.
    • Black bags and other household rubbish should not be allowed to accumulate, as this could attract vermin.
    • Animal faeces should be cleared up daily and disposed of correctly to avoid health hazard.
    • Tenants should ensure they comply with Newcastle City Council’s recycling initiatives to ensure all rubbish is disposed of correctly.
    • Tenants should ensure they correctly present their bins to be emptied on the designated days.
    • Hazardous materials should not be stored in gardens, i.e., asbestos, gas bottles and other flammable materials.
    • Large trailers, caravans/boats must only be stored on a paved/concrete area and written permission is to be obtained from Your Homes Newcastle first. An application is also required to be made to Newcastle City Council for the construction of an approved carriage crossing.
    • Sheds, garages, dog kennels and other structures should not be constructed in gardens without obtaining written permission from Your Homes Newcastle.
    • Vehicles must not be repaired within the garden area and vehicle parts (i.e., tyres, etc.) must not be stored.
    • Motor vehicles, if correctly stored, must still have a valid road tax certificate or the owner must possess a valid exemption certificate.
  • What happens if I don't keep my garden tidy?

    If we are made aware that your garden does not meet our garden standard (for example if a Tenancy and Estate Officer sees the garden when out on your estate, or we receive complaints from your neighbours) your Tenancy and Estate Officer will attempt to visit you at home.

    They will explain how your garden is breaching your tenancy agreement and offer guidance around what you will need to do to bring it back to standard. The officer will also take photographs of your garden.

    We will offer you the opportunity to sign up to our Garden Care service, which helps people to maintain their gardens. If you do not wish to take up this offer, you will be given a Tenancy Issue Notice, which will explain exactly what the issues are and give you a fixed period of time to put them right.

    The officer will then re-inspect your garden at the end of this period. If it is up to standard no further action will be taken. If you have not brought the garden up to tenancy standard, the officer will then get a quotation for the work to be completed by our Garden Care service.

    You will receive an Official Estimate Letter, detailing the estimated costs of bringing your garden back to tenancy standard.

    The officer will give you the opportunity to agree to pay the costs voluntarily, and sign the estimate letter to confirm this.

    If you do not agree to this, the works will still go ahead and you will receive an invoice for the total costs with details of who to contact to arrange payment.

    If your garden were to become untidy again, we may seek a legal action, which could be in the form of a Notice of Seeking Possession, which could lead to eviction.