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YHN gardening services

We have a team of experienced gardeners that can help Newcastle residents to keep their gardens clean, tidy and in bloom. We offer an affordable maintenance programme.

Maintenance programme

Our gardening programme includes eleven visits over the course of the year, with seven summer visits from March to November and four winter visits from November to March.  As part of the programme, our gardeners will carry out:
  • Grass cutting;

  • Hedge trimming;

  • Border weed control;

  • Litter picking;

  • Pruning; and

  • General gardening maintenance.

The service costs £8.82 per week although depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for support to pay for this.

We can also send you a text message, phone call or email to find out when our gardeners are in your area and due to visit you. Contact us if you’re a current customer and would like to sign up for this.


Contact us to find out more about our gardening services now.  You can read more about what happens at each gardening visit in YHN gardening services.

You can also call us on 0191 278 8600 and ask to speak to our Garden Care team.  
  • Monthly programme frequently asked questions

    Can my benefits cover the service? In some circumstances Housing Benefit can help with the cost of the service. You must submit a Housing Benefit application to apply for this.

    How can I pay? The weekly charge for the service is added to your rent account.

    Why do I have to pay weekly when the team don’t visit every week? The cost is spread out over the year so it can be paid in small amounts instead of a large annual or monthly invoice.

    Why do we get fewer visits in the summer and more in the winter? There are 7 summer visits and 4 winter visits scheduled. However, as summer is the main growing season it sometimes takes a little longer to work through the visits.

    Can I just join the service for the summer months? No. When you sign up to the service you agree to 11 visits over a 12 month period.

    Do the team visit in the winter months? Yes. If there is no new growth, teams will clear up leaves, litter and reduce high hedges. In bad weather the team will clear snow from your path and spread grit if needed.

    Why are my high hedges not cut? For health and safety reasons hedges we can’t maintain the top of hedges higher than 1.8 meters. However we can reduce the height of your hedge to 1.8 meters and we would then be able to maintain the whole hedge. If you would like to discuss a hedge reduction please contact the service.

    Is the service open to homeowners/private lets? Why not? The annual maintenance service is for YHN tenants only as the charge is added to their rent account. Anyone can use the We do more service though.

    Why can’t the team clear up the animal fouling as I don’t own a pet? When new customers sign up for the service we explain that customers are responsible for clearing up any animal foul. However, if a customer has problems doing this due to a disability our team will review each request based on individual needs.

    If you visit 11 times is that once a month except December? The visits are spread throughout the year so you will probably receive a visit in December.

    My neighbour gets the service free of charge, but I have to pay, why? There are strict criteria which need to be met to receive help from Housing Benefit to pay for the service.

    I’m disabled, my adult child is not interested in tidying the garden, will I get the service free? No. To meet the criteria for Housing Benefit to help pay for the service all adults who live at the property must meet the criteria.

    The team have been for my first visit and have only done the front garden. Will they be back to clear the overgrown back garden? If a garden is overgrown on the first visit it will take a number of visits to get it brought up to standard. On a first visit the team will tend to the front garden and clear access. The rear garden will be dealt with on the second and further subsequent visits.

    The weeds in my garden have not been removed, why?

    Weeds are best removed by spraying weedkiller. This must be used on a dry non-windy day so as not to damage any other vegetation. Weeds will be sprayed at one visit and removed at the next as we need to wait until the spray has taken effect at the root. In some cases the team will strim the weeds or take the tops off but this leaves the root in place.

    I was out / the gate was locked when the team called, can they come back?

    Yes. From the date of visit there is a two day window when the team can return


  • Do you have an allotment?

    From pesticide application to large scale clearances and everything inbetween, our trained gardeners are on hand to help you now.

    Our team of trained gardeners offers domestic services including grass cutting, hedge trimming, border weed control, litter picking, pruning and general maintenance.

    We also undertake bigger jobs such as rotivation, laying turf and clearing overgrown plots - we'll even take the rubbish away with us!

    No job too big or too small - get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.

  • Are you a gardener looking for work?

    We are always looking for gardeners to join our pool of relief gardeners to work for us on a casual basis. Interested? Contact us to find out more