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We manage a range of different types of properties, including flats in low rise and high rise blocks. Our Housing Services team are responsible for the management of your tenancy agreement, regardless of the type of property you live in, but our Concierge Service provide additional services to people who live in a high rise flat (a high rise flat is a tower block that has 5 or more floors, anything below this is considered to be a low rise flat). Click here to find out about the extra services that the Concierge Service provide for people who live in a high-rise flat.

It is different living in a flat to a house, although your responsibilities are the same, there are some additional considerations to be made, for example, sound travels more easily in flats and your actions can often have more of an impact on the people living around you.

Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information about the things you need to consider when you live in a flat.

  • I live in a high rise flat

    If you live in a high rise flat, then our Concierge Service provide some additional services, that people that people living in a house or low rise flat do not receive.

    Click here to find out about the extra services that the Concierge Service provide for people who live in a high-rise flat.

  • Fire safety in your home

    For top tips on keeping you and your family safe, click to view our - fire safety poster.

    If you have any fire safety concerns, please contact us on 0191 278 8600.
  • Who will clean/carry out repairs to the Communal areas?

    Your responsibilities  Our responsibilities 
    • cleaning shared areas, entrances, hallways, staircases and landing unless we have told you that this is the responsibility of a person we employ or sub-contracted to carry out the cleaning.
    • You and other residents must make sure that shared areas, entrances, hallways, staircases passages or bin cupboards are not blocked.
    • You or people living in or visiting your home must not leave any rubbish there except in the bins we provide.
    • You should report repairs to shared areas. o report a repair, phone the Repair Centre on 0191 277 8888 or report a repair online
    • maintaining the shared entrance, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and lighting, and any other shared areas.
    • We will decorate shared areas of blocks of flats when necessary or according to a planned maintenance programme.

    If you live in a Concierge managed property (a high rise flat), your Concierge Service provide some additional cleaning duties. Check out our Concierge Service section of this website for further information.

  • Can I store anything on the landing?

    We have to meet legislative requirements such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which includes provisions that are relevant to common areas.  This means that we need to ensure lifts and fire safety equipment are safe and are in good working order, and that common areas are kept clear of hazards. YHN has a common area policy that allows us to ensure all tenants receive the same information and communal areas are the same across the city.

    Below is a list giving some examples of what is normally acceptable and not acceptable:

    Acceptable Not acceptable
    • Door mats (unless they are worn, of a highly flammable material or affixed to the floor)
    • Pictures and paintings (unless they are excessively large or may be considered offensive)
    • Small pot plants (where these do not cause an obstruction or tripping hazard)
    • Carpets
    • Large Planters (unless on an external balcony designed to allow this)
    • Storage boxes
    • Motor or push bikes
    • Prams or push chairs
    • Chairs or seats
    • Electrical or other equipment
    • Mobility scooters (unless in a designated area or by agreement following a risk assessment)
  • How can I get a new fob?

    If you live in a block of flats that has an electronic door entry system, you will be given a key/fob. This key/fob is unique to you and you must not give it to anyone else to use.

    If you lose or break your key fob you can order a new or replacement fob online 

    Please be aware, there is a charge for a replacement. 

  • Can I have a pet?

    Different rules regarding pet ownership apply to each property type. Before getting a pet, you should contact your Housing Services Officer to ensure that you are not breaking your tenancy agreement.

    Dog or cat:

    In a Concierge managed property (high rise flat) You are not allowed to have a dog or cat unless there are very special circumstances (for example, if you have an assistance dog such as a guide dog). Even in these circumstances, you must get written permission from your Housing Services team. Your visitors must not take a cat or a dog into the shared areas of the block without our permission in writing.  
    In a low rise flaw with a communal area As above
    I in a flat which does not have a communal area (e.g. a Tyneside flat) If you live in a flat which has its own entrance, then you are allowed to keep a dog or cat
    Small caged bird (not pigeons), small caged animals or a small aquarium: These can be kept in any property type without our permission.

    Farm animals: You cannot keep farm animals on any of our premises.  

  • Am I able to lay laminate flooring?

    You must get written permission from your Housing Services Officer to fit laminate flooring. It is unlikely you will be given permission if you live in an upstairs flat.

    Please bear in mind that sound travels more easily in flats, especially if you have laminate flooring, but carpets and rugs can help to muffle it.  

  • What do I do if I have unwanted furniture?

    Large or bulky items can be removed by contacting Envirocall on 0191 278 7878. There will be a charge for this service, Envirocall will be able to give you this information.

    Do not put large and bulky items in the chutes are leave them at the communal bin area. This will have wider implications such as blocking chute and can lead to action being taken for fly tipping.

  • Can I fit a satellite dish?

    You must not put up a satellite dish without written permission and planning permission. Please contact your Housing Service Officer for further information. 


  • I need to access my meter?

    Meter reading services are provided by different teams, depending upon the type of flat you live in:

    A high rise block that is managed by the Concierge Service Contact the Concierge service
    A flat which has a communal area Contact your Housing Services Officer
    A flat which its own entrance (e.g. a Tyneside flat) Meter readings are your own responsibility