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Our response team is fully operational and proactive at responding to tasks quickly. As the team is not stationed in a particular block all day, but instead located centrally, it means they can react to call outs much faster.

The team also carries out many more calls themselves, rather than relying on contractors to respond to call outs and incidents.

  • What does the response team deal with on a daily basis

    • Access for contractors
    • Alarm resetting (communal areas)
    • Tenant requests for help with their intercom
    • Spillages
    • Alarm resetting (in an individual property)
    • Syringe removal
    • Bio hazardous waste removal
    • Flood damage
    • Anti-social behaviour (reported noise nuisance) in an individual property
    • Safety and security inspections
    • Anti-social behaviour (reported noise nuisance) in a communal area
    • Cleaning graffiti
    • Bin blasting/cleaning
    • Replacing light bulbs
    • Anti-social behaviour by unwanted visitors in a communal area
    • Meter readings
    • Block evacuation
    • Removal of bulky items
    • Security patrols
    • Replacing lights
    • Chute cleaning/clearance
    • Cleaning assistance for concierge
    • Out of hours service including accompanied visits with HASBET/Tenancy and Estate Management
    • Emergency services on site
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Power failure affecting the whole block


  • What else do response do

    The response team can also:

    • Inspect communal areas of buildings for any health and safety issues
    • Carry out good neighbour duties such as helping customers with disposing of bulky rubbish or reporting repairs
    • Investigate customer comments/complaints about the concierge service
    • Carry out cleaning duties in the cleaning schedule
    • Challenge tailgaters, raise awareness of anti-social behaviour to relevant people such as emergency services or other teams at YHN
    • Assist other departments with lone working procedures
    • Assist vulnerable customers to access our services
    • Participate in gathering customer satisfaction information
    • Work with customers to arrange access for YHN staff and contractors
    • Carry out security guard duties (all response team members have carried out Security Industry Authority (SIA) training and have an SIA licence
    • Carry out formal accident, incident and repairs reports