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  • I have received my annual renewal letter, what do I need to do next?

    If you do not wish to make any changes to your policy you don’t need to do anything, your insurance cover will continue as it is.
  • I have received an annual renewal letter, but cancelled my policy?

    If you cancelled your policy within the last few weeks, the renewal letter would have been dispatched before the policy was cancelled. In this instance, please ignore the letter.
  • I have received my annual renewal letter and wish to make changes to my policy?

    You will need to complete an amendment form, which you can request by calling Your Homes Newcastle on 0191 278 8600.
  • I wish to cancel my policy?

    If you cancel the policy after 14 days of the date you receive your policy documents, we will refund premiums already paid for the remainder of the current insurance period, provided no claim has been made during the current insurance period.


  • What is the difference between the insurance covers available?

    Simple+ includes standard cover for fire, flood and theft and includes accidental damage to contents in your home

    Simple includes standard cover for fire, flood and theft, but excludes accidental damage to contents in your home

    Optional covers are available for an additional premium for;

    (a) personal belongings

    (b) hearing aids

    (c) wheelchairs

    (d) garden huts, outbuildings, garages and greenhouses

  • How much should I insure my home and contents for?

    You will find a table to help you calculate how much you should insure your contents for in the information leaflet. Once you have calculated the total, this will give you a better idea of the sum insured you will require. Refer to the ‘What it will cost’ table for your age-group
  • Will my policy include any excesses?

    There is no excess on the policy.
  • Do you offer a new for old policy?

    This is a new for old cover (except clothing and household linen where an allowance for wear and tear is deducted).
  • Does home insurance cover me for accidents to my household goods?

    Under the simple policy, you are covered for accidental breakage of mirrors, ceramic hobs in cookers and fixed glass in furniture in your home.

    However, should you wish to extend this accidental damage cover to other items in your home, you will need to take the Simple + option. If you require this option, please ensure you tick the box on the application form.

    (Please note that accidental damage to your contents in your home excludes damage to contact lenses, food, drink, plants, clothing, sporting equipment whilst in use and damage as a result of household removals).

  • Are my belongings covered outside the home or when I go on holiday?

    Your personal belongings will NOT be covered outside of the home unless you have taken the extension for Personal Belongings. Should you require this extension, please tick the box on the application and refer to relevant cost table.

    If the Personal Belongings extension is taken, the insurer will pay for loss or damage to Personal Belongings (defined as ‘Property normally worn, used or carried about the person in everyday life’), pedal cycles (including accessories) and sports equipment which are owned by any member of your household or for which they are responsible. They are insured against loss or damage in the British Isles and temporarily elsewhere within the European Union while in the possession of any member of your household.

  • Is my PC covered?

    PCs are covered for accidental damage if you select the Simple + option.
  • Is food in the freezer covered?

    Yes, the policy covers loss or damage to food in a domestic deep freezer in your home caused by a rise or fall in temperature or contamination from refrigerant or refrigerant fumes.
  • Am I covered for breakdowns of electrical equipment?

    No, the policy does not cover your items for wear and tear, mechanical faults, or break-downs. However, should your freezer break-down, you can claim for the contents of your freezer (please see ‘Is food in the freezer covered?’.
  • How can I apply?

    Complete the application form and return the form to your Community Housing office or to the Income Section at Your Homes Newcastle.

    Income Section

    YHN House

    Benton Park Road

    Newcastle Upon Tyne

    NE7 7LX

    You will receive a letter and policy booklet through the post to confirm your acceptance onto the scheme. If you do not receive these details, please contact the Income Section to enquire about your application.

  • How do I pay the premiums?

    Premiums are added to your rent account.

    You can pay them along with your rent using the swipe card for your address at any Paypoint, set up a direct debit, pay over the phone or pay online

    Check out our ways to pay pages on this website for further information

  • What happens if I don’t pay my premiums on time?

    You should make sure you make payments on time. If you miss a payment, the insurer may not pay a claim. If you are more than 6 weeks late, the insurer can cancel your policy. You will be given 14 days notice of this at your last known address.
  • Do I need to provide proof of ownership for all of my possessions?

    In the event of a claim, a loss adjuster will review the circumstances.

    Depending on the type of claim and the value involved the Loss Adjuster may:

    • Contact you by telephone or letter to progress your claim.
    • Require you to produce reasonable evidence to support your claim such as proof of purchase for example, receipts or operating manuals of electrical appliances.
    • Some items such as carpets, soft furnishings etc may often be capable of cleaning or repair.
    • Contact the Loss Adjuster who will make the necessary arrangements for specialist attention.
    • If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, the Loss Adjuster has a nationwide network of suppliers who can provide a fast and efficient replacement service and the Loss Adjuster will make the necessary arrangements.