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What is You’ve got the Power?

It is a way of involving you in making decisions about the neighbourhoods you live in. You give us your suggestions and tell us why you think they will improve your local area.  Those suggestions are then shortlisted for customers to vote on. Winning projects are then delivered from a dedicated budget. Previous suggestions have included:
  • improving lighting
  • repairing or putting up new fencing
  • creating a communal garden
No idea is too big or too small!

The last round of You’ve Got the Power closed in 2017 –click here to see the results

You’ve got the power

  • You’ve got the Power – some projects completed so far

    Pottery Bank community allotment

Residents were keen for somewhere they could come together along with local children to grow their own fruit and veg and learn about healthy cooking on a budget.
Before After
pottery bank allotment before_v_Variation_1  pottery bank after_v_Variation_1

    Northumbria Walk

Older residents wanted an additional handrail to make it safer for them going up and down the steps and to prevent people hanging around sitting on the wall.
Before After
 northumbria walk before_v_Variation_1  northumbria walk after2_v_Variation_1

    The Retreat

Residents had suggested that the lighting around the properties be improved. As the residents are older people they were finding it difficult to get about in the dark, particularly during the winter months.
Before After
 the retreat_v_Variation_1  the retreat after1_v_Variation_2

    Harehills Tower

Residents suggested that the raised flowerbed be removed and replaced with a grassed or paved area. This would improve the appearance of the area and provide more useable space.
Before After
 harehills tower before_v_Variation_1  harehills complete_v_Variation_1