Repairs and major works (leaseholders)

Repairs and major works (leaseholders)

You are responsible for decoration and for repairs to all fixtures and fittings inside your home, for example:

  • Heating systems
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • Doors and door frames

YHN are responsible for:

  • The structure and outside of the building
  • Shared areas
  • Services on the estate where your leasehold property is

We carry out this work on behalf of the Council. As a leaseholder, you will have to contribute towards the cost of these repairs.

Repairs and major works

Repair costs

We will send you a repair statement every quarter to tell you when a repair has been carried out and how much this has cost. For work estimated to cost you over £250, we will consult you beforehand and provide an estimated total.

We will estimate the costs before the work is carried out. For any repairs that will cost you less than £250 the work will be carried out without the need to formally consult you.

If you have been charged for a repair that was caused by storm, fire or flood you will then need to complete a claim form and send this to the buildings insurance company who will decide if they are going to settle the claim or not. For more information, visit our Building and contents insurance page.

Home alterations

If you want to carry out any work which may affect the rest of the building, you must first get our permission in writing. The kind of things that you need permission for are:

  • Any addition or change to the structure or services in your home, including changes to any pipework
  • External decoration
  • Installation of new windows
  • Loft conversion
  • Installation of new doors if your property is in a building with enclosed communal doors

You will need to specify:

  • What type of works you wish to carry out,
  • A plan or drawing
  • The name of your chosen contractor (and Gas Safe registration number for gas pipe or heating alterations)

If you start work without getting permission you might have to return the property to its original condition if retrospective permission is not given. 

If you wish to apply for permission, please write to or email the leasehold team with details and drawings of your proposals, the contractor or company that you wish to use and your email address and telephone number.

Major works

Major work is any work to the structure and shared areas of the building where your property is situated.

We are responsible for carrying out this type of work and the leaseholder is then charged for a share of these costs.

We will consult you when Your Homes Newcastle goes out to tender for a new contract. This includes one off contracts that could cost more than £250 and where the agreement will last for less than 12 months. It also includes long term contracts that could cost more than £250 per year or provide services that could cost more than £100 per year and will last for more than 12 months.

Consultation process:

  • We will send you a notice at the pre-tender stage that sets out what we are going to tender for
  • We will then send out a second notice during the tender stage to let you know which contractors are being considered
  • We will also let you know how much you will have to pay for the works

When you receive these notices you will have the opportunity to provide your comments in writing within 30 days. We will then consider these comments before moving onto the next stage.

Need more information?

For help and advice you can contact our Home Ownership team

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Telephone: 0191 278 7725


Postal address: Home Ownership Team, YHN House, Benton Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7LX

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