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Tenants’ responsibilty If a repair in your home is the result of neglect or damage (accidental or otherwise),you will be responsible for putting this right and paying for it. This includes damage caused by any member of your household as well as by your pets or visitors. If the repairs present a health and safety or security risk, we will carry out the repairs for you but you will have to pay the cost. If a repair has been caused by vandalism, you will need to report the incident to the police and get a crime reference number. You will need to tell us this number when you get the repair.
Item Comment
Clearance and disposal
  • Personal items, including those belonging to any other members of your household, must be cleared and disposed from your home, garden, sheds, garages, outhouses and any other buildings at the end of your tenancy.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance of your garden and must keep your garden and hedges tidy and free of rubbish or dangerous objects, such as building rubble or chemical waste.
Windows and glazing
  • You are responsible for maintaining the glass inside your home. Any accidental damage to windows will be recharged. Any damage to windows due to vandalism or criminal damage must be reported to the police and a crime number will need to be given when reporting this repair.
Internal and external doors You are responsible for the following repairs:
  • Door bells (unless fitted by YHN)
  • Damage to internal doors, including hardware (unless wear and tear)
  • Accidental damage to internal or external doors (vandalism or criminal damage must be reported to the police)
  • Replacing locks if your keys are lost or stolen (unless crime number is reported)
Kitchen You are responsible for the following kitchen repairs:
  • Installing or disconnecting your own appliances, such as cookers and washing machines (unless owned by YHN)
  • Minor repairs to kitchen fittings, such as handles, drawer front, hinges and catches
  • Replacement of plug and chain in sink
  • Accidental damage to kitchen fittings
Bathroom You are responsible for the following bathroom repairs:
  • Replacement of plugs and chains in the basin and baths
  • Replacement of the toilet seat
  • Maintenance of any bathroom items fitted by you
  • Repairs  to washers on taps
  • Accidental damage to bathroom fittings
Electrical Items You are responsible for the following electrical repairs:
  • Electrical appliances provided by you
  • Accidental damage to electrical fittings
  • Replacing light bulbs (including florescent strip lights), plugs, fuses
  • Resetting the trip switches
  • Individual TV aerials
  • Cleaning extractor fans
  • You are responsible for the decoration of the inside of your property. You must keep your home clean and decorated to a reasonable standard.
Non-Emergency Out of Hours Repairs
  • After 6 pm we may charge you a fee for all call-outs which are not genuine emergencies or that could have waited until the next day.
  • For health and safety reasons we may carry out some repairs which are normally the responsibility of the tenant, such as losing keys to access your property, and the costs will be recharged to the tenant.
Drains, Waste and Soil Pipes You are responsible for the following drainage repairs:
  • Unblocking wastes to the Kitchen sinks, basin, baths and showers
  • If you are unable to clear the blockage and repairs are required any blockages caused by misuse may be recharged.
Your own installations/repairs
  • You must get permission to alter your property
  • You must get permission to install your own appliances, such as showers or fires
Any repairs or installations without obtaining permission will be recharged.
  Customer satisfaction We aim to provide the best possible repairs and maintenance service to every tenant . In order to gain valuable feedback from tenants we carry out Customer Satisfaction surveys using the below methods:
  • Letter survey
  • Automated survey
  • telephone survey