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If you are worried about a child, or that someone may be causing harm to a child either directly or indirectly, follow your instincts and report it.

Safeguarding is everyone’s business.

  • What are the signs that a child I know may be at risk of harm?

    There are many types of child abuse and a number of signs and indicators that may suggest a child is experiencing child abuse and/or neglect. Please follow this link to find out more: Remember follow your instincts, If you suspect a child is at harm then you must tell Children's Social care services or ask a professional to do so on your behalf.

  • What will happen once Children's services have been informed?

    Children's social care services will contact the family and may want to talk to the children concerned alone. The social worker will talk to the parents/guardian about how they can help keep the children safe and healthy. This is called an initial assessment . They will try to find a way to help that everyone agrees with. They may arrange a child protection conference to talk about how to do this.

    The family can ask questions about what might happen and why. If they find it hard to talk about it then they can ask for help. The social worker will explain how to find someone who can help.

  • Will Chilren's social care services tell the family who raised the concern?

    In some cases they may do for example if the person raising the concern is a teacher, doctor or other professional person. If it was a friend, relative or neighbour that raised the concern then they may not share that information. If you are worried about this then please discuss with Children's Social Care or ask a professional, for example your tenancy and estates officer, to refer on your behalf.
  • Will Children's social care services take the child away ?

    Children's social care services cannot take a child away unless they have a court order and it is the only way to keep them safe. If they think a child is in immediate danger they will try to agree with the parent/guardian on how to keep them safe.

    If the child needs to be taken away from home immediately because they are in danger a request might be made to a magistrate for an emergency protection order. This lasts eight days and gives everyone time to sort out how to keep the child safe. The aim will be to try and help the child live at home as long as this is safe. Most children stay with their family even after a child protection conference.

    If concerns have been raised about your child and you are worried then you should talk to the allocated social worker.

  • Who do I contact if I am worried about a child ?

    Anyone who is worried about a child living in Newcastle should call Children's Social Care services on 0191 277 2500 or visit the Children's Social Care section of Newcastle City Council's website for further information. Not every crisis occurs during office hours, for emergencies contact the Emergency Duty Team on 0191 278 7878 or via e-mail: Alternatively you can speak to member of staff at YHN who can support you to make the referral or do so on your behalf. Click here to find contact details for each of our housing hubs. In an emergency or if you feel a child is at immediate risk of harm you must contact 999