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  • What is noise nuisance?

    Noise nuisance is any noise from another person or property that disturbs you in your home by being unreasonably loud or persistent. This can be a particular nuisance if, for example, it happens at a time when you would usually be sleeping, however noise nuisance can occur at any time of day.

    Not all noise will be regarded as anti-social and you should always expect to hear a certain amount of noise from your neighbours, for example:

    • children playing;

    • everyday domestic noise (such as washing machines, vacuuming);

    • dogs barking for brief periods;

    • neighbours moving around their property;

    • some voice noise (unless this is unreasonably loud or at unreasonable times).

    Generally speaking, we will investigate ongoing or persistent noise problems.

  • What can YHN do about it ?

    Causing unacceptable levels of noise may be a breach of tenancy or lease. If you are being affected in your home by loud and persistent noise from a neighbour, this may be classed as noise nuisance and we will aim to help you to resolve the problem.

    Often a quiet word will resolve the issue as your neighbour may not realise they are disturbing you. If this is not the case, we will begin investigating your complaints of noise nuisance and may look to gather evidence to take enforcement action against your neighbour’s tenancy.

  • How can I report noise to you?

    If you wish to log a noise complaint then please call us on 0191 278 8600 and speak to our Safe Living team.

    We may ask you to keep a record of any noise or anti-social behaviour that you are experiecing to help in our investigations.

    To request an electronic Noise and ASB log please email