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Your Homes Newcastle is committed to deterring fraud and corruption. However, where it does take place we will investigate it fully and take the appropriate action.

There are specific types of fraud related to Newcastle City Council tenancies, including:
  • Application fraud where somebody lies about their circumstances to get a property or for a higher priority banding. This could prevent those in the most need from getting a property.
  • Illegal sub-letting where a council or housing association tenant does not live in their property and then rents part or all of it out to somebody else. This can result in those tenants being exploited. Also, the tenant may be illegally profiting from the sub-let.
  • Right to buy / right to acquire fraud where somebody lies or provides false information to enable them to buy their property when they would otherwise not be entitled to (for example, if they are not living at the property). This reduces the number of properties available for those who need them.
  • Abandonment where somebody has a property but does not live in it and lives somewhere else instead. These properties remain empty or might be getting used as storage. They could be used by somebody with a greater need instead.
  • Succession fraud where somebody lies about living in a property to enable them to get the tenancy after someone has died. People may do this to keep a property they do not need or would not get if they had to follow the normal application process.
You can find out more about other types of fraud linked to council services on Newcastle City Council’s website here