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We support young people aged 16-25 to find a home, move in and manage their tenancy. We can offer you supported accommodation or floating support – regular appointments in your own home.

We offer help in all areas of living in your home from parenting, budgeting, accessing training or employment, emotional & physical wellbeing, lifestyle choices, drugs and alcohol, relationships, crime and offending, independent living skills and getting involved in your community.

  • Is there any extra support for care leavers?

    YHN’s Young People’s Service supports Newcastle City Council to help those who are aged 16 or over who are moving from local authority care to their own tenancy.

  • I need help with my housing situation

    If you or a young person you know is experiencing homelessness or struggling to manage their home and may need some help and support, you can contact the Young People's Service direct on 0191 277 1190.

  • How do I get a Young People’s Service Worker?

    You can ring the service directly on 0191 277 1190 and speak to a duty worker who will be able to direct your call appropriately.  If you are a professional referring a young person to our service then we can send you a referral form, again please contact us on 0191 277 1190.

  • What is floating support?

    Floating Support is support offered to you by a worker who meets you regularly in your home. They’ll come out to meet you about once a week and help you with anything you need support with that affects your tenancy and how you feel about it.

  • What is supported accommodation?

    The eligible age range for our two supported accommodation services is 16-21. Supported accommodation is somewhere to stay where you share with others and there are staff around to help and support you. We have two types of supported accommodation within the Young People's Service.

    In the hostel, there are ten individual bedrooms and a shared living room, dining room and kitchen. Staff are available 24 hours a day, and we work with you to develop your skills to move into your own tenancy. In our flats in North Kenton, you’ll live in your own flat in a block with other young people.

    You’ll be responsible for yourself and your flat and staff are available in the office downstairs if you need to see or speak to them for help and advice. In North Kenton, you’ll have the chance to build your confidence in your own flat with friends and workers around you.

  • What is the Family Intervention Project?

    The Family Intervention Project (FIP) is part of Newcastle’s support for families who need extra help. FIP workers work intensively with a small number of cases, and are unusual in the Young People's Service as they work with any age group in the family. They are linked to the Family Hubs and work with families to identify and develop their strengths.

    A family that is referred to the Family Intervention Project must live in a YHN tenancy or be in temporary accommodation with a view to being rehoused in a YHN tenancy. There must be children aged under 16 as part of the household.

    In addition, the family must meet at least one of the following criteria.

    • At risk of eviction/homelessness
    • Anti-social behaviour/Housing Anti-social Behaviour Enforcement Team involvement
    • Attendance issues at school
    • Contact with agencies involved in public protection via MAPPA(multi-agency public protection arrangements) /MARAC (mulit-agency risk assessment conference)
    • Living in emergency accommodation
  • I need some help moving into my tenancy and getting set up

    The Young People's Service generally offers long term support, but we also have access to services within YHN that can offer short term support too, such as the Advice and Support Service.  Please contact us on 0191 277 1190 to discuss further.