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As a YHN tenant you can request a walk, talk, report with your Tenancy and Estate Officer.

  • What is a walk, talk, report?

    Walk, talk, reports happen to give you and our officers the chance to work together to make your estate a better place to live.
  • Who is involved?

    You and your neighbours on the estate are joined by your Tenancy and Estate Officer and other key members of staff who can help make improvements to the estate.
  • What do I do?

    All you have to do is tell your local housing services office that you would like to take part in the walk, talk, report event and turn up on the day! Each walk, talk, report involves:
    • a briefing session - a short meeting before the Walk, Talk, Report to agree a date and time (if it has not been agreed). This will set out a route, agree how long the Walk, Talk, Report should take, set priorities for the Walk, Talk, Report and decide who to invite
    • a tour of your estate - neighbours and officers will walk the estate together looking for anything which may make the estate look unsightly such as untidy gardens, cars parked on grass, litter, fly tipping or unreported repairs
    • a log of all the issues identified - during the Walk, Talk, Report the Tenancy and Estate Officer will make a record of all the issues identified by neighbours and yourself
    • the development of an action plan - Officers and residents will agree how to solve any problems, or how to tackle any issues and agree an action plan. It will include what action will be taken, who has responsibility for ensuring that action is taken and the timescales for action to take place.
  • Why should I get involved?

    As you live on the estates we manage you are in the perfect position to identify areas for improvement. You also get the benefit of being able to see the improvements happening as a result of your involvement.

    Residents who have been involved in walk, talk, report events have told us that they felt they had the opportunity to have their opinions heard and their ideas used to make neighbourhoods a better place to live.

    One resident from Walker said:

    “The events are a great opportunity to make a real difference to your estate. Since getting involved I have more confidence in the staff and the neighbourhood offices and feel that they really listen to the residents.

    "At the end of a walk, talk, report we come to an agreement with staff on how the improvements can be made. There is a lot to do on the estate but we are starting to make a real difference!”

  • When can I request a walk, talk, report?

    If you feel your estate would benefit from a walk, talk, report then get in touch with your housing services office. Your Tenancy and Estate Officer will contact you to arrange the walk, talk, report for a time when you and your neighbours are free to come along.
  • What happens after a walk, talk, report?

    The Tenancy and Estate Officer will assess all the information gathered at the walk, talk, report and then decide if a community clean up is needed.

    A community clean up is where you and your neighbours spend a morning or afternoon helping to tidy and clean the estate.

    We provide litter pickers and gloves so everyone on the estate can come out and help in some way.

    We also have Community Environmental Assistants that work within our housing offices and have tools to trim back untidy hedges/trees. And we work in partnership with local agencies including the Community Payback Team who have tools and equipment to help at these events too.