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  • Where are we likely to make funding available?

    We will prioritise funding to local organisations that are located in areas identified for investment. In 2018, funding will be available in the following areas:

    • Elswick
    • Kenton Bar
    • North Kenton
    • Newbiggin Hall
    • West Denton
    • Westgate Road
    • Church Walk
    • Fawdon
    • Montagu
    • Cowgate
    • Benwell
    • Shieldfield
    • Slatyford

    Every year for the next three years this funding will renew and each year areas for investment will be reviewed.

  • Will there be a councillors briefing?

    No, we know that £100,000 might sound like a lot of money, but in reality it only stretches so far.
  • Could the funding be used to invest in tower blocks?

    No; the funding is only available for social investment which means projects involving diversionary activities or community benefit. Investment in tower blocks requires capital funding which is derived from a different funding pot.
  • How much can we apply for?

    There is no limit on what you can apply for and YHN don’t need to fund 100% of the project. You are also able to apply for match funding.
  • Can the funding be used to enhance projects funded by ward committee?

  • Can Councillors apply / use the funding?

    The money can’t be used to fund councillor projects as they have their own budgets. However, if councillors work with community organisations, charities, community centres, schools etc (not tenants groups) that are involved in their project then you could help them apply.
  • Does the fund cover both Capital and Revenue?

    No, as the funding is time limited we will only consider Capital projects. This means the initial cost of setting up or buying something NOT the ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Who decides if my application is successful?

    YHNs’ Customer Service Committee will carry out quality assurance checks on all of the application forms that are submitted. If they feel any further information is required we will get back to you, if not and the committee are happy with the application then we will arrange for the funding to be released.
  • What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

    If committee feel that your application is not successful YHN will let you know along with suggested alternative funding routes. If you want to appeal our decision you can…
  • Why does the money have to be spent in a particular place?

    The simple answer is - it doesn't!  Your project can engage everyone within your local area - we just ask that a definite effort is made to engage with residents on specific streets where we manage a lot of properties.
  • Why do we need to complete a survey?

    The survey helps us build a better understanding of the places we manage.  Although we've spent money over the years, it's always tended to be on homes, bricks and mortar - we're taking a different approach this time around. As such, we don't want to assume we have the answers - the reality on the ground may be quite different!
  • What happens once I've done the survey?

    We will give you a call and send an application pack with more information on how to apply for the money.
  • Does all the money need to be allocated in April 2018?

    No the fund will be available to apply for between April 2018 and March 2019.
  • Can tenants and tenants groups apply directly to the fund?

    No, the fund is aimed at establishing partnerships with organisations to run short or long-term projects within the community, tenants and tenant groups are not able to directly apply for funding. Tenants’ groups can, however, apply to the Positive People, Positive Places Fund, that will also be relaunched in April. This annual fund will provide shares of £10,000 to help with grass roots projects across the whole of the city.