Your Health, Your Wellbeing
School leaver engagement project for 16+ with disabilities, mental health, low self-confidence. Project offers sport, fitness and well-being sessions, gaining qualifications and leadership skills, help with CV writing and boost to employment prospects.

FoodCycle Newcastle Westgate
Every Thursday evening, we open our doors at the Westgate Baptist Church to anyone in the local community, especially those at risk of food poverty, to join us for a free nutritious, vegetarian 3-course meal. The meal is cooked from food surplus which our volunteer team has collected from our local food supply partners.  Alternative to food banks, where there is stigma attached

Family Counselling Project
Full day counselling service for children to help tackle issues around bullying, learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties. Lunchtime groups sessions will be offered alongside family appointments, working with both children and their families to address the issues they experience at home.

Food Nation Social Lunch Clubs
Building on the successful running of a Social Lunch Club since September 2016, Food Nation is developing 3 new lunch clubs, run with the help of local community volunteers teaching food skills. The Clubs bring people together, increasing social connectedness and helping to develop strong support networks. developing cooking skills and knowledge.

Lemington Lions ‘Hut’ Rejuvenation Youth Project
Renovation of youth hut in Lemington to make it fit-for-purpose and resourced to run youth sessions in an inviting space for young people to enjoy being within.

Potters Shed
New project working with men to engage them in social activities and learning new skills in upcycling and repurposing, model building, woodwork and more.  The Potters Shed will be tackling social isolation and improving physical and mental well-being.

Patchy2 Crew
3 play sessions for children 8-12 years old coming from diverse communities, to meet, play and learn together in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. There will be lots of opportunities including sports activities, creative play, arts and crafts, games and cooking and eating together.

Newcastle Women’s Snug
Northern Learning Trust provides a short-term mentoring service for women offenders who have completed their community order but who remain vulnerable and isolated. This pilot project will create a support network to address social isolation, through facilitating friendship groups and offering a fun programme of activities to nurture interests, enjoy new experiences and develop self-confidence.

Junior Youth Clubs
Youth group work responding to needs identified amongst the young people and equipping them with key life skills in a creative and fun way, celebrating their achievements along the way. Projects will include ‘Inside-Out’ (Mental Health and Relationships); ‘Kids Can Cook’ (Nutrition and Cooking); ‘Helping Hands’ (First Aid); ‘Fit 4 Fun’ (Personal Care & Fitness); ‘Steps 4 Life’ (Key life Skills such as Money, Homes); ‘Go Cr8’ (Exploring new activities and hobbies).

SPAR (Social, Personal and Relationship) Group
Social, personal and relationship (SPAR) building resilience, emotional wellbeing and assisting young people to build resilience, emotional well-being and assisting young people to develop problem solving skills and build positive community connections. Also, working with parents and carers to promote peer support to prevent isolation and improve parenting skills to increase confidence.

Memories through Music
Using the medium of music to bring vulnerable older people together, to develop their sense of belonging and reduce their social isolation.  Open to people with learning, difficult or complex disabilities, who will have the opportunity to create, rehearse, perform and record their own music.

St Bernadette Club
The St Bernadette Club, running since 1962, is an open-access weekly social setting for people with disabilities, to meet others, become socially active and improve their well-being.

Throckley Let’s Get Together
A thriving community hall home to over 12 busy projects, engaging members of all ages and those who are hard to reach in our communities.  From parents and toddlers making sessions safe and engaging with new toys, mats and educational equipment, to the Youth Club building a library corner for the avid readers with beanbags, shelves, posters/pictures.

Viva Las Cruddas
Creative hub and drop-in offering the opportunity for people aged 50+ living in Cruddas Park House and the Larches, to be part of a fun Las Vegas themed arts projects, including musical themed activities, proggy mat making and more.  The fun activities will be a way of bringing residents together a social group to tackle isolation issues that affect so may vulnerable people.