Community Investment Fund In 2018 we announced the launch of a £100,000 Community Investment fund that makes grants available to voluntary and community sector organisations in areas of Newcastle. All funding has been allocated for 2018 and applications are now closed but will reopen when a new allocation is available in 2019. You can read about the projects that have received funding so far here.

About the Community Investment Fund

We know that one of the best ways to have a positive impact in our communities is to help partners, already doing great work in the community, to achieve more. We fund projects that help tackle some of the challenges faced and recognise that communities are built by people, and we want this fund to put our customers right at the heart of it.

We invest in the quality of life of our customers in the areas in which we work to create more cohesive and sustainable communities. Customers will feel proud of the places in which they live and be motivated to contribute to their success.

The fund has three priority areas:
– Building stronger communities;
– Reducing social isolation amongst vulnerable people;
– Strengthening community partnerships.
How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2018 but will reopen in September 2019

View the application guidance below or click here to download it.

Please note the guidance changed slightly following the launch of the fund so please ensure you have read the latest version above before you submit a form.

Click on the link below to download an application form that can be completed electronically or by hand. You will need to return your completed form by email to If you complete it by hand, please email a scanned copy.

Applications are assessed against three main factors:

– Financial viability;
– Social Return On Investment; and
– Chances of sustainability once the project has come to an end.

Whilst these are a guide to ensure fairness across the applications computer doesn’t just say no! Any areas that may not assess particularly well we will work with you where possible to strengthen your project.

Application form

Publicising your project if successful

If you would like YHN to help maximise your project promotion you will need to complete a consent form providing explicit consent for the types of publicity that you are happy for us to do on your behalf. You can download a copy of the consent form here which you will need to sign and return along with your application form. YHN takes its responsibility around processing personal data very seriously and we cannot promote your project if successful without having this consent in place.

Applications have now closed but will reopen in September 2019. If you have any questions about the Community Investment Fund or would like to register your interest to be informed when applications reopen please email

Positive People positive places (4Ps)

Positive People Positive Places (4Ps) is a grant scheme that gives local people the chance to bid for £250 – £750 to help support a project that benefits their community.  Projects must benefit Newcastle City Council tenants. Successful project ideas go forward to a public vote where tenants and residents across the city can vote for their favourite project.  A total of 19 projects won in 2018.  Click here to see the winners:

You’ve Got the Power

You’ve Got the Power is a way getting involved in decisions about the neighbourhoods you live in. You give us your suggestions on projects that would improve your local area and suggestions are then shortlisted and customers vote on which projects they want to happen.