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  • Is my property covered by a Buildings Insurance policy?

    Your property is covered by a block buildings insurance policy that covers all of The Cedars. It is a condition of your lease that we do this therefore you are not able to arrange this using a company of your choice. The insurance runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.

    If you leave your flat empty for more than 30 days you must let us know as this could affect your insurance cover and premium and could make your policy invalid if you were to make a claim.
  • My mortgage lender has advised that I should insure the building through them, if this possible?

    This isn’t possible because the property is already insured and you cannot have more than one insurance policy. We can write to your mortgage company to tell them this if required.
  • What are the details of the buildings insurance policy?

    The policy is with Zurich Municipal; policy number 10/006460/05500396 Click here for the insurance summary booklet if you have standard insurance cover. Click here for the insurance summary booklet if you have additional accidental damage cover. Click here for the important notice that Zurich issued in relation to the Insurance policy
  • How do I make a claim?

    If you have arranged insurance cover under this scheme and need to make a claim please contact the loss adjuster on 08456 718171 to request a claim form.

  • What happens once I have made a claim?

    Zurich Municipal will deal with your claim. You will need to keep any damaged items in case they want to inspect them. If the damage caused is to something that you are responsible for repairing they will tell you how many estimates you need to get for the work and which one you can then use.

    Zurich Municipal will then arrange to pay you. If the damage caused is to something that we are responsible for repairing we will carry out the repair and invoice you for the work. You would then need to send a copy of the invoice to Zurich Municipal and they will arrange to pay you if they uphold your claim.

  • How do I pay the cost of the insurance?

    Your premium is included on your annual service charge invoice.
  • How is the cost of insurance for my flat calculated?

    Your insurance premium is calculated based upon the due proportion that is set out in your lease which is applied to the overall cost of the insurance policy in respect of The Cedars.
  • Why is my premium different to that of my neighbours?

    Your premium may differ to your neighbours because the due proportion that is within your lease is different.

    Is the sum that the property is insured for reviewed each year?

    It is reviewed annually and changed to reflect changes in building and labour costs.
  • Can I change the amount that my property is insured for?

    No the sum that your property is insured for cannot be changed and is what we believe it would cost to fully reinstate your property.
  • What isn’t covered by the buildings insurance?

    If damage occurs which is not caused by an insured hazard then the insurers would not make a payment, even if it is not specifically excluded. Below are some examples of events not covered by the policy:

    •Wear and tear

    •Parts of the building reaching the end of their useful life (for example, a flat roof)

    •Routine repairs and maintenance (for example, clearing drains and gutters, external decorations)

    •Loss or damage to your contents and personal belongings

    Does the insurance cover decorations within my flat?

    •Decoration is not included so if there is any damage to this you would need to claim for it on your contents insurance, or you would need to pay for it yourself.

  • Are there any other important things that I need to be aware of in relation to my buildings insurance?

    Fraudulent claims are a criminal offence. Claims are taken very seriously and action may be taken against people making fraudulent claims. A claim that is considered fraudulent is one that is inflated (values falsely enhanced) or bogus and will result in the claim being denied.

    Reasonable care: Insurance is not a maintenance contract and is not a substitute for keeping the property in a reasonable state of repair.
  • Do I need to arrange my own contents insurance?

    Many leaseholders believe that the council automatically insures their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes - this is not the case.

    You are responsible for insuring the contents of your home. Your Homes Newcastle strongly advises all leaseholders to take out household contents insurance. If you do not take out a contents insurance policy please consider if you would be able to replace your possessions if they were stolen in a burglary or damaged by a fire, flood or accident.