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If you’re aged between 16 and 24 and claiming Universal Credit, then we have loads of opportunities to tell you about!

Unfortunately, the younger age group has been disproportionately affected by the impact of the pandemic on the jobs market, with many younger people working in retail and hospitality, where lockdowns have meant closures for months at a time.

Thankfully, we’re easing out of lockdown now and some of those jobs are being advertised again. And, better still, the government has created a scheme that is especially designed to help younger people get into work – and YHN is playing a big part in making that a reality!

“Kickstart” is a central part of the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak’s, Plan for Jobs, designed to protect the UK economy and get people working again. The Kickstart scheme provides funding to create six-month job placements for 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit.

YHN has been appointed as a Kickstart Gateway. This means that, as well as creating our own placements across YHN, we are also supporting other employers across the city to create even more placements.

There are currently 19 placements open for applications – you can see a list of them under their relevant closing dates below.

To apply for any vacancy, you must be referred by your Job Centre Coach. You will receive a referral link with advice on how to apply.

You can find out more about Kickstart, our involvement with it, and the vacancies we and our Kickstart partners are recruiting to as well some more general careers advice at our jobs fair on 7 May. Just follow us on Facebook (search “Your Homes Newcastle”) for more information and to catch the live event.

The following jobs have a closing date of 30 April:

Employer Post No of vacancies
Webster and Carr Trainee Barber 1
Percy Hedley Learning and Development Administrative Assistant 1
Digital Communications and Marketing Trainee 1
Fairshare Warehouse Assistant 1 (there will be more advertised)

And these have a closing date of 12 May:

Employer Posts No of vacancies
YHN Admin Assistant 4
Warehouse Assistant 2
Enquiry Centre Assistant 2
Silverline Memories Administrative Assistant 2
Camden Alterations Digital Assistant 1
Be Caring Support Worker 3
All Weather Windows Customer Service Assistant 1