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We’re  celebrating Women in Construction Week by encouraging women to apply for new repairs and construction jobs.

YHN manages over 26,000 properties on behalf of Newcastle City Council, with a staff of around 450 employed in repairs and construction roles – from plumbers to surveyors, and joiners to designers, and everything in between.

Here are some of the women working in our Repairs & Construction Services – Caitlyn, Linzy, Hannah and April

We’ve long marked the national awareness week around getting more women into construction jobs, and this year we’re hoping to encourage more women to register interest in our  upcoming repairs and construction services vacancies.

David Langhorne, Assets and Development Director at YHN, said: “YHN has a long history of working to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation and this is something our executive team is particularly passionate about.

“Although we have many women in leadership roles – including our managing director – we recognise that there are certain areas of our business where we need to do more to have a truly representative workforce. Our repairs and construction service has some fantastic female employees who are a real credit to our organisation, but they are still significantly outnumbered by their male colleagues, and that’s something we’re committed to improving.

“We have made some positive changes following feedback from female staff recently, including buying in specific female uniforms when we updated them for our repairs and construction staff, and I’m working with the Women in Social Housing group to further increase our knowledge around making our workforce as inclusive as possible for women.

“Our repairs and construction service is going from strength to strength at the moment, and we will soon be recruiting more staff – we’d definitely like to hear from women who are interested in these roles! People can register their interest now by emailing”

YHN has a strong track record of ensuring it is a diverse place to work and the organisation has three staff network groups designed to ensure everyone can be themselves at work. The groups, which support staff who identify as LGBT, who are disabled and who identify as BME or have an interest in the diversity of cultures employed by YHN, provide feedback on internal and external policy decisions and raise awareness of equality issues with staff and customers.

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