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How did you get into your chosen profession?
I always preferred technology/engineering at school I think it’s stemmed from there.

Including your apprenticeship how long have you worked in this profession?
6 and a half years.

Had you always wanted to work in construction? / what inspired you to go down that route?
I had no idea what I wanted to do while at school, but I didn’t want to go to Uni or work in an office.

Was this a career path you felt was presented to you as an option as much as those traditionally considered “less masculine” when you were growing up? Did anyone in your school life or later training encourage or discourage you to work in this area?
My family and a lot of my teachers in 6th form were supportive of me working in a ‘more masculine’ career path.

Does it feel like a masculine environment or is that starting to change now?
Obviously there are still a lot more men than women, but it’s nice to see more women interested.

What does your typical day involve? What parts of your role do you enjoy the most?
A lot of customers are surprised when they answer the door and often say that they were expecting a man.

How important is it for more women to be encouraged into the industry?
It’s very important for women to be encouraged into the industry because I think a lot of people still see it as a man’s job.

What would you say to any young women or girls who are interested in work of this nature? Any top tips for success or things they should or shouldn’t focus on?
If you are interested then go for it. Pay attention to everything people teach you and have confidence in yourself.