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YHN are supporting an online focus group about the disabled adaptations service and we are looking for customer who are interested to take part.

When – Wednesday 6 January 2021 from 9:30 to 12 noon and 2:30 to 5pm

It is really important for Newcastle City Council to seek the views of residents. The focus group’s discussions will be fed back into the evaluators for them to consider during their scoring deliberations.

Any customers who want to take part in the focus group will be asked to read and review the responses which have been prepared by the tendering organisations. These responses will be about how the organisations will manage; working in occupied properties, managing appointments with residents, communicating and engaging with residents, their working practices, dealing with complaints, dealing with vulnerable residents, and training and support to resident/carer on adaptations.

The focus group will be online and you will need access to a microphone on a tablet, PC or smartphone.

Anyone who takes part will be sent a £10 shopping voucher to cover any expenses incurred from taking part.

To register your interest in taking part, please email by Monday 4th January 2021.