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With organised firework and bonfire night displays cancelled due to Covid-19, bonfire night is going to be very different for everyone this year – but there are still plenty ways to bring sparkle to your celebrations.

A good reason to avoid having your own fireworks display or bonfire at home is because of the safety risks involved. Fireworks can be great entertainment, but they are explosives and are dangerous, as well as sometimes being too loud and distressing for children and pets, and bonfires can very quickly and easily get out of control.

To celebrate bonfire night without the bang or burn, here are some fun bonfire night traditions that you can do safely at home:

Glowstick goodies

Always popular with kids, colourful glowsticks can be worn as crowns and bracelets or shaped into glowing works of art. They also look great hung up on bunting or lanterns to create a pretty night-time display.

Bang-tastic baking

Baking some bonfire night treats can be a fun (and delicious!) way to celebrate bonfire night while staying cosy indoors. Why not try making your own bonfire cupcakes by topping sponge cakes with orange icing and adding some chocolate fingers as the firewood. Or add different food colourings to icing and pipe some colourful firework displays on top of cakes or cookies.

Get crafting!

If your kids love arts and crafts, there are so many ways for them to use their imaginations with some bonfire night inspired creative crafts.
• Pick up some paints or coloured pencils to create some firework inspired artwork.
• Wrap up some old loo-rolls in black paper and attach shreds of coloured tissue paper and tin foil to make rocket sculptures.
• Create mini Guy Fawkes scarecrows by stuffing some old tights with newspaper and dressing the dolls with clothes and straw.

A taste of bonfire night

Everyone loves some warming comfort food on a cold bonfire night evening. You can recreate the taste of bonfire night at home by cooking some jacket potatoes wrapped in tin foil in your oven, heating up some soup, or making hotdogs.

Finish off the night with some sweet treats like toasted marshmallows or hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

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