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YHN is working with Q-Bot, a company that uses robots to install underfloor insulation, and as a YHN customer you can access this service for free. You must live in a house, bungalow or ground floor flat with suspended timber floorboards to be eligible for this service.

Benefits of underfloor insulation

• It is highly effective in reducing draughts and making your home feel warmer and more comfortable
• It can help to reduce your annual energy consumption and reduce your energy bills
• Depending on the size of your property, it can take as little as a day to install with minimal disruption compared to traditional floor insulation services
• Customers can remain safely in the property upstairs (or in another room) while the work is done.

New safety measures

The health and wellbeing of you, your household and our staff is our top priority, so we have introduced new measures in line with UK Government guidelines to put safety first.

Our install team have been following these new safety measures since May, using Q-Bot underfloor insulation in our empty properties, so we know that they work well.

We’ll check if anyone in your household is shielding or has any Covid-19 symptoms before we visit your home to carry out a survey or install. During the survey and install, the surveyor will follow the latest safety guidance and will:

• wash or sanitise their hands before entering your home
• always keep at least two metres away from you. They’ll ask everyone in your home to do the same for them, ideally by staying in a different room
• wear suitable PPE
• wipe any surfaces they touch with antibacterial wipes.

Interested in this free service?

Call 0191 277 1403 or email to find out more.
Remember, you must live in a house, bungalow or ground floor flat.