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Our Housing Services Officers have been going the extra mile throughout lockdown to make living easier for some of our most vulnerable customers.

Alongside their busy day-to-day tasks, which include allocating properties, contacting prospective new tenants and dealing with tenancy issues, the team have also been making welfare calls to customers to lend a listening ear and ensure customers have everything they need in place.

They team have made over 10,000 welfare calls since lockdown began, we a target of making 20 calls per day, with some lasting up to an hour and resulting in additional tasks to follow up on.

Many customers have expressed their gratitude for the calls and have commented on how it makes them feel valued.

Here are some examples of the calls the team have been faced with and how the team have gone the extra mile to help:

“I made a call to a customer who didn’t speak much English and all he could say was he needed help, and ‘tablets’. Worried about the customer’s welfare, I immediately brought in a translator and found out he had been without medication for over two weeks. He’d attended his local GP practice but was sent away and told to call or go online, neither of which he’s able to do. I took it upon myself to contact his GP and arranged for a prescription to be sorted straight away. He’s been in agony, and was crying due to a mixture of pain and relief.”

“I spoke to a 29 year old man who has significant mental ill health. We spoke at length, and I was able to use my skills as a mental health first aider to try to discern any sense of risk of harm. He was struggling most with shopping and money and said he had £20 to last him almost 20 days. He had previously relied on online shopping as a result of severe social anxiety, but couldn’t secure a delivery slot. He wasn’t aware of the help that could be offered. I referred him for a food parcel, which was swiftly delivered, and which alleviated his concerns about running out of money, and also referred him to the Citylife Line, to see if they could help with his shopping as it was crippling him with anxiety and taking a toll on his mental health. I made sure he’d been in touch with his GP and had all the relevant crisis team numbers.”

Has a member of our team gone the extra mile for you or your family? We would love to hear from you and share your kind words of thanks with our staff and with our customers through social media. Please get in touch with us by emailing