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This week is Refugee Week; a festival happening around the world to celebrate the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees.

YHN has supported Refugee Week for many years. In the past you might have taken part in an activity or attended an event to listen to the stories of asylum seekers and refugees living in Newcastle.

While we can’t hold actual events this year, there are still ways to be involved and use the week as an opportunity to learn more.

Ways to get involved from home

Life is busy but thinking about the choices you make when you select a book to read or film to watch is an easy way of educating yourself about any topic.

Films, books and exhibitions can take us to places we’d never otherwise have gone, introduce us to people we’d never otherwise have met and spark conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Here’s a selection of websites with links to resources that you access from home:

A selection of short and feature length films that will be available to stream for free all week

The British Film Institute’s compilation available to stream for free

Books about exile for adults

Books for older children

Books for younger children

Take a virtual tour of galleries and museums around the world with exhibitions about and by refugees

Visit for more suggested reading and resources to learn more about the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees.