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Children at a Denton Burn primary school have a safe and vibrant ‘bucket room’ to retreat to if they feel stressed or need time out, thanks to funding from Your Homes Newcastle (YHN).

The bucket room is a space for children at Broadwood Primary School to visit if they are struggling and where they can learn how to manage their own stress levels, known as their ‘stress bucket’.

Children can visit the room for emotional and practical support, learning to manage their feelings with the aim of reducing explosive or disruptive behaviour.

YHN already sponsors Broadwood Primary School’s breakfast club, in partnership with the Greggs Foundation, providing funding and volunteers to serve up a healthy start to the day.

On learning the school was in need of resources to enhance their bucket room, YHN made a donation from its Community Investment Fund to the school to buy interactive and sensory items for the children to use.

As well as providing equipment, YHN’s repairs and construction team also redecorated the school library, patching up walls, repairing skirtings, fitting new PVC window sills and painting the whole room.

To celebrate the room’s completion, the school children and YHN staff enjoyed a tea party hosted by Greggs in the bucket room.

In addition to the bucket room, the school has their very own support dog, Broadie, to help improve emotional wellbeing. Broadie acts as a calming influence and his presence aims to reduce stress and anxiety in pupils and also improve attendance.

Wendy Mitcheson, Head Teacher at Broadwood Primary, said: “The bucket room is fantastic for our children. It is an environment where they can feel safe, listened to, and supported emotionally and socially.

“There are a range of activities on offer for the children to enjoy, collaborate and just be children. The work that has been carried out by YHN shows the children that beyond the school, there are people who care about them and their education.

“As a school, we are so appreciative of the support and investment from YHN and Greggs.”

David Langhorne, Assets and Development Director at YHN, said: “We are delighted we were able to help Broadwood Primary School create such a positive and supportive space for children who may be experiencing stress or anxiety, and hope that both children and staff feel the benefits of the new room.

“YHN is passionate about building stronger communities and supporting local initiatives through our community grant schemes and by giving our backing to existing programmes such as school breakfast clubs. This type of project means we can build real connections with communities and our customers in the areas in which we have homes and in turn help to make a real difference.”