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Hi, my name is Tina Drury and I’m Managing Director at Your Homes Newcastle. We appreciate that following the Grenfell Tower fire many residents feel apprehensive, but I would like to assure everyone that we are working very hard with Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, the council and other partners to ensure the safety of all our accommodation, and to learn from any new information emerging from the investigations at Grenfell Tower.

Understandably, lots of our customers have been in touch, seeking reassurance and asking us questions related to the fire in London. We’ve just updated the frequently asked questions we posted on our website last week – here’s a link.

We manage 38 blocks across the city, comprising of 3,137 dwellings, and are proud to have an excellent record on fire safety. This is the result of years of close working with our partners, including Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, to make those blocks as safe as they can be. Customers have been a big part of that success and we’re indebted to them for the patience they’ve shown during successive upgrades to the blocks, and for reporting problems that develop to the fabric of what remain, on the whole, popular and social places to live.

The first thing we wanted to do was to remind customers that our policy if a fire breaks out is ‘If in doubt, get out’. In 2012 we installed new signage within all of our high-rise blocks, writing to all residents to explain how it works and what they would need to do. Customers moving into high-rise blocks get this information before they move in.

Since then customers have started to ask more specific questions about fire safety in the blocks, and a small number of customers have asked more detailed information about specific buildings or fire doors in blocks. At first we answered these as quickly as possible, within the original Facebook or Twitter post.  But this has meant that information that more of you might find useful can sometimes be quite hard to find. From today I’ll be posting updates to our Twitter and Facebook accounts each week. I will be sharing recent information from the work we’re now doing with the Fire Service and the Government to check the blocks and ensure customers feel reassured in their homes.

I understand that people are anxious and concerned but please be patient – as soon as we can respond to the issue you’ve reported, or pick out the information you need, we’ll share it with you. The quicker you can tell us of any concerns the faster we can respond.

Many thanks, Tina