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It’s International Credit Union Day on 20 October so it’s a great time to remind yourself about what credit unions are and how you might be able to benefit from joining one! What are Credit Unions? Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives which promote savings and provide credit and other financial services to their members.  Unlike banks, they are not for profit and any money they do make is used to provide more affordable loans for local people in the area. They were first established in the UK  over 50 years ago. Why use a Credit Union? Credit Unions offer a great way to save.  By saving even small amounts on a regular basis, it can build up over time and then you can either allow yourself a treat or even pay for that unexpected event (yes, everyone’s washing machine breaks down from time to time!!). Credit Unions also offer affordable loans. Whilst in an ideal world none of us would ever have to borrow money, we all know real life isn’t like that.  There are situations when most of us will need to borrow money from time to time, whether it’s to replace the car, buy new school clothes for the kids or go on a well-earned holiday.  And we know that many of our customers can find Christmas is a time when they do need to borrow money, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about your finances now. Below are some short YouTube videos that further explain the benefits of joining a credit union Video 1                      Video 4            Video 2                      Video 5   Video 3                      Video 6   Where’s my nearest Credit Union? Your nearest credit union is Moneywise and you can get in touch with them in range of ways:
      • Call into their main office, 185 – 187 Shields Road, Byker, they’re open Mon – Fri 10am-4.30pm.
      • Give them a ring on 0191  276 7963 Mon –Fri 10am-4.30pm
      • Use their
      and you can even join
      • You can start saving via payroll deduction, which means that any savings are taken directly from your wages, which is a really easy way to save!
  There are also other credit unions in the area and you can find their details by visiting Further advice and guidance around money matters is also available on our website here.