CSEThe Customer Service Excellence standard is a government award which encourages public services to be the very best.

Many organisations use the Customer Service Excellence standard as a business improvement tool and challenging them to set and publish standards. The standard tests in great depth those areas that research has indicated are a priority for customers and encourages innovation and service improvements. 

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  • How we achieved Customer Service Excellence

    In October 2010, we successfully achieved ‘full compliance’ against the Customer Service Excellence standard on our first attempt. The standard is valid for three years and in November 2013 YHN reapplied for the award and were successful in achieving full compliance for a second time.

    In order to achieve the Customer Service Excellence standard, we had to show the assessor we met the following five criteria:

    •Customer insight

    •Culture of the organisation

    •Information and access


    •Timeliness and quality

  • Why use Customer Service Excellence

    Why use Customer Service Excellence

    The Customer Service Excellence standard is a unique tool concentrating on customer service in order to:

    •Continually improve our services

    •Use the standard as a framework for self-assessment

    •Get expert feedback through the assessment process

    •Help achieve good value for money

    •A skills development tool

  • What happens next

    The Customer Service Excellence accreditation is valid for three years.  Within the three year period, the assessor will carry out two further assessments of YHN to ensure we are still meeting the standard. The assessor visited us in November 2014 for our 12 month review, and again in November 2015.

    Click here to read the Assessors final report

    Please visit the Customer Service Excellence website for more information.