Payments to suppliers

Payments over £250

Your Homes Newcastle believes it is important to be open about how we spend money.  Each month we publish a list of all payments we make which are over £250 (including VAT), showing who we paid, how much we paid, and what this was for.

The lists on this page refer to payments that we have made to suppliers to help us carry out our business - running costs, if you like. 

Please note that you can find details about payments we have made from the City Council's Housing Revenue Account (HRA) within the lists that the City Council publishes on a monthly basis on their website.  Click here to visit this section of the City Council website.

You can find an explanation of how we manage the HRA in our Annual Reports.

Monthly spending reports

There are a number of supplier names within the attached documents where the name has been replaced by the following text, 'Redacted Personal Data'.  This follows government guidelines where a payment has been made to an individual but the publication of the individuals name may contravene the data protection act.

Please note, these lists include:

  • items we purchase
  • payments we make to contractors carrying out work on our behalf
  • other spend we incur in carrying out our business.

What is excluded:

  • payments made to staff
  • personal information, such as the names of individuals receiving payments

We will regularly review the way we classify information to make sure that the process is as accurate as possible.

If you want more detail about the information contained within these pages, you can request this under the Freedom of Information Act.  Visit the Freedom of Information section of our website to find out how to make a request.