Family Intervention Project

Family Intervention Project

What do we do?

The Family Intervention Project (FIP) provides the most ‘at risk’ families with the high level, intensive support they need  to make positive changes.  

We provide intensive support using a signs of safety model and all of our work is underpinned by the trans-theoretical model of change.  We support families to move through this change process, including relapse stages, to a point where they are able to function effectively without intensive support and with a view to keeping families together where possible.

How do we do it?

FIP Model

  • Whole family assessment (profile) and engagement of family and services
  • Support plan/safety planning
  • Intensive support/intervention utilising a range of models and approaches
  • Regular review meetings and ongoing assessment
  • Transparency with families- honesty, straight-talking, challenge, sanctions and consistently involving other agencies
  • Planned exit
  • Follow up and post-intervention support

For more information, please see our guides below:

hHow to make a Request for Intervention

The family must be aware of and in agreement with the Request for Intervention.

Initial Enquiries about the suitability of a family for FIP intervention should be made over the phone by contacting one of the FIP team members on 0191 277 1190.

If a FIP referral is appropriate then a FIP worker will carry out a 'signs of safety' (SOS) referral with you in person.

This involves exploring the case, looking at strengths, worries and initial planning with regard to ‘where we are able to go’. This process can take time and referrers should allow an hour with the FIP worker taking the referral.

As this process requires a lot of details, families must be aware of and in agreement with requests for our service.

Contact FIP

FIP Managers - Rachel Green and Chris Forrester
Prospect House
Prospect Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 277 1190